If you are building applications with the Virtual Earth Map control, here are a bunch of recent newsy items.

Verison 6.1 API released - last week the API was rev'd to 6.1. new features include Walking Directions and reverse geocoding and a bunch more. Full details in the VE Dev Center. read more Here, Here, and Here.

VE Intellisense Helper - If you use Visual Studio to build your Virtual Earth apps, be sure to grab the latest Intellisense Helper to synch up with all the new 6.1 stuff. It makes writing javascript almost fun.

Dave Bouwman's Blog - I learn something new every time I visit - there are precious few map/gis blogs, dev or otherwise, that I can say this about so be sure to add this to your feed list. Dave is my Coding Horror in the mapping world!

3D Developer Blog - Members of the Virtual Earth 3D Dev team have started a blog... about* programming with VE3D * The scoop doesn't get any more inside than this. learn how to use the VE3D map control in a WinForm app among many other great tips.

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