The Virtual Earth team is exhibiting this week at the GITA (Geospatial Information & Technology Association) GISC at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. The conference brings together a large gathering of delegates from Utilities as well as public sector agencies.

We are joined once again by Microsoft subsidiary Vexcel Corporation, showing the Virtual Earth Appliance as well as their Virtual Earth Custom Collections offering. We are also joined by Microsoft partners Idea Integration and IS Consulting, showcasing how their organizations extend the value of Virtual Earth through products and services that allow GIS data to be be quickly integrated with Virtual Earth to allow organizations to rapidly disseminate that data to a broad user base--given the Virtual Earth web service model-and allow users to better visualize that data and collaborate around it. If you are in the Seattle area, come on down and see us in booth #203.

Microsoft Virtual Earth Director, Bill Gail, will sit on a panel today at (I believe) 2:30 pacific time, where the topic will be "Mashup -- Consumer Toy or Enterprise Tool?" This sparked an interesting conversation last night over dinner that, for me, was summarized when someone at the table suggested it depended on what mapping platform you were using. Virtual Earth is most definitely a platform for building enterprise applications. If you are at the conference, be sure to catch what will most likely be an interesting panel.



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