A bunch of new bird's eye aerial imagery and a few new 3D city models have been posted to the Virtual Earth-powered Live Search Maps site for all the world to access free. And, for those customers who are leveraging the power of the Virtual Earth platform*to drive*their business intelligence portals, those applications are already "seeing" this new imagery since Virtual Earth is a web service--customers don't have to download new datasets or update user systems. Users are logging into the same app they logged into yesterday and seeing the new imagery.

Before I share the list, I have to share this screenshot of Toulouse, France in 3D. The sheer density of the model is incredible. Be sure and click on this one and zoom in and tour Toulouse virtually. Impressive.

Without further ado, here is the list of of the new imagery.

New 3D cities:


US Bird's Eye


Europe Bird's Eye:

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