Touring DevCon Remix made its way to Tokyo last week and served as the launchpad for the Japanese Virtual Earth SDK. Coverage of the conference and the VE platform launch was covered in many IT pubs like CNET, Internet Watch and* and CodeZine.

Below is a link to an application from Recruit Co highlighting VE's 3D navigation capabilities in Firefox and IE. Product Manager Naoyuki Isogai graciously offered a brief English summary of the app:

this is the first prototype of commercial content by a Japanese company called Recruit Co., Ltd. which is a very famous information media company in Japan. This prototype is doing a mash-up of VE and their own travel information Web API in it, and if you click some keywords and cities from the left (only in Japanese though), explanation of sightseeing places or tour routes will be displayed on top of VE leveraging 3D. This is a very good example of VE-based mash-up with worldwide coverage


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