Just a quick entry on a couple of recent Virtual Earth related activities around the Live Search Maps consumer targeted site and not necessarily directly relevant to Virtual Earth for the Public Sector EXCEPT that we are all consumers at the end of the day (some more so than others, I suppose). Additionally, these latest initiatives underscore Microsoft's commitment to its Search offering which of course includes the Virtual Earth platform. I think these recent announcements suggest that Virtual Earth is going to gain increased global exposure which should only advance our innovations around the platform.

First up, the Virtual Earth team in China just released Live Search Maps for China. The site provides search, Collections, and public transit features for over 100 cities with 7 million business listings. Be sure to brush up on your Chinese before you attempt to visit the site.


Next, Microsoft announced yesterday our acquisition of Multimap, one of the United Kingdom’s top 100 technology companies and one of the leading online mapping services in the world. The full press release can be found here.

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