The Virtual Earth Road Show kicked off earlier today in Denver, CO at the Microsoft Denver Office in a crowded meeting room comprised of individuals from the public and private sector, developers, decision makers, a few end users, and generally just a lot of people involved with geospatial technologies. Kevin Adler of the Virtual Earth Public Sector team delivered a very informative keynote session which was of keen interest to the many attendees interested in how to use Virtual Earth in their own agencies to build applications that compete with today’s most popular web sites, and at the same time support their agency’s missions and goals.

John Lee of the Vexcel team, then presented the second session and positioned Vexcel’s unique strengths as pillars of Microsoft in helping customers leverage the Virtual Earth platform and meet the challenges some customers face who cannot touch the public internet. John presented the history of Vexcel and also talked about PhotoSynth and how customers may want to use these types of visualization products in the near future.

After lunch Marc Schweigert, Virtual Earth Developer Evangelist, spoke to the integration of customer data on top of Virtual Earth, and provided a number of development examples using Visual Studio along with the Virtual Earth Interactive Software Development Kit .

Overall this first day was helpful to the audience who not only learned more about Virtual Earth in general, but gained better insight into how to develop on Virtual Earth and how Vexcel helps with some of the behind the scenes imagery collection.

Next stop… Sacramento!* (Still time to register for this and the Reston stop.)

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