Check out the Virtual Earth Screen Saver I created and uploaded on CodePlex, Microsoft's open source project website.  The screen saver reads Virtual Earth permalinks from RSS feeds and uses the Virtual Earth API to show Birdseye and satellite images with information about those images from the feeds.  This is released open source on CodePlex with a Microsoft Community License, so feel free to view/download the source and contribute to the project.

Here are some screen shots:

Here's a list of the Features:

  • Supports multiple RSS feeds showing Virtual Earth scenes
  • Displays information about the scene from the RSS feed in the top right of the screen
  • Supports PageUp/PageDown and arrow keys to allow you to manually cycle through feed images while the screensaver is running
  • Supports Enter key to launch the current scene in Live Search Maps
  • Supports custom RSS Feeds (from Internet or local disk). The default RSS feeds are from Birdseye Tourist and Virtual Globetrotting
  • Supports Aerial, Hybrid, Road, and Birdseye permalinks from Live Search Maps in RSS feeds
  • Supports automatic image update time in seconds (default is 90 seconds), and feed update time in minutes (default is 120 minutes)
  • Supported on Windows with .NET Framework 2.0

  • To install:

    1. Download and Run VirtualEarthScreensaverSetup.msi and go through the setup process.

    2. Go to Screen Saver settings in Windows and select "VirtualEarthScreensaver" as your screen saver.

    For more details, see the Virtual Earth Screen Saver project on CodePlex.