David Barkol shows you how to reference the Virtual Earth v6 Map Control via HTTPS for authenticated/encrypted communication. For many of you this new feature in VE v6 isn't needed and carries a few milliseconds of latency, but if you're building enterprise applications that require secure communications there hasn't been an easy way to integrate mapping in your work yet. As Dave Notes:

This seems like a subtle change, but both Google and Virtual Earth have lacked this type of support for years.

For our client map control, this is quite true. Many of our government and enterprise customers have been using HTTPS with MapPoint Web Service for years. Now you can use either or both together as many developers needing server-side location capabilities in their apps do.

Hacking the Wii remote for VE
John at SoulSolutions just pointed me to this neat article on Via Windows Live showing how to use your wiimote to navigate in Virtual Earth. So now you have a choice - Space Navigator, XBOX controller or wiimote for surfing in Virtual Earth. Here's the video showing creator Brian Peek in action -

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