For those of you in the states who went to the Microsoft MIX show this year, you got a first hand look at what's coming down the pike at Microsoft. MIX is THE HOTTEST show for online service (well, IMHO, of course). I presented a Virtual Earth session which included the tech preview of the Virtual Earth Silverlight map control. Well, that show was in Las Vegas, NV, USA and not everyone from around the world goes to the show in Vegas so we have a show called REMIX which is essentially the same (or very similar) content but in localized formats and done in different locations around the world. It's kind of like a rock tour! Anyway, this year at Microsoft REMIX UK you'll see a glaring void in the agenda where Virtual Earth should be - this is done intentionally.

We're having a Virtual Earth UK partner event during the REMIX UK show, dubbed Virtual Earth UK New Partner Day. Sounds like a British holiday. It's a whole day dedicated to Virtual Earth! So, you can go to REMIX on Sept. 18, then go the Virtual Earth Event ALL DAY LONG on the 19th. You can OD on VE.

Johannes Kebeck will be running the show and Dr. Neil will be flying up from the land of Oz to give you one heck of a show and a jam-packed day of VE content. The agenda for the Virtual Earth UK New Partner Day consists of 5 sessions, plus lots of tea and crumpets. Register. It's free.


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