We just released the Virtual Earth Map Control v6 API.  You can find all the latest details in the Virtual Earth Map Control SDK, Version 6.0.  Or you can download the Virtual Earth Map Control SDK (CHM file) directly.  You can also try out the updated Virtual Earth Interactive SDK.

One of the major focuses of this release is enhanced accuracy and performance.  New features for this release include:

  • Multipoint Routing - A new GetDirections method was added to support multipoint routing on the map.  Also, additional options have been added to better customize route rendering including the ability to customize the route color and pushpins.

  • Improved Geocoding Accuracy and Relevance - We have added more accurate geocoding when using the Find call with a location.  Multiple geocoders and datasets provide more relevant and accurate results. 

  • Rooftop Geocoding Support - Rooftop geocoding is now supported.  The rooftop geocoded location will be returned when available when making a Find call with a location.

  • Improved Performance - Peformance with large numbers of pushpins has been improved. A new method to add a large number of VEShape pushpins to the map was added to improve the initial drawing of the map with large number of pushpins.  Also, performance of map operations with shapes has been improved.

  • Altitude for shapes - Altitude support for shapes in 3D is now supported so you can position shapes in 3D above the earth.

  • Pushpin Accuracy in Birdseye - There is now an option to more accurately position VEShape pushpins when in Birdseye view to more accurately pinpoint places in Birdseye.

  • Improved shape control - You can now specify the ZIndex of VEShapes and tile layers to control the order of content on the map.

  • Support for Realtime Traffic (Licensing Restrictions Apply) - The v6 platform now supports real time traffic flows which can be displayed over the map. Licensing restrictions for this feature apply.

  • Shaded Map Style - A new shaded map style was added which shows elevation with the traditional Road view

  • Improved Browser Support - Virtual Earth v6 platform now supports the Safari 2.0 browser in addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • Improved 3D Experience - Enhanced 3D features

  • MapCruncher (Beta) - Add your own custom image layers to the map using MapCruncher (Beta) for Virtual Earth

  • Improved Birdseye Control - A new SetBirdseyeScene method was added to improve the control of Birdseye based on latitude and longitude instead of requiring a scene id.

  • New Navigation Control  - A new enhanced default navigation control was added for v6.

Check back here for future code samples and information regarding the Virtual Earth v6 API.