They say “save the best for last” and that’s exactly what we did for the October 29th Virtual Earth Road Show, the last one in the trilogy. Over 120 customers attended, many from the public sector and an extraordinary amount* from our partner community. The event took place in the Microsoft Reston Office, and again the Microsoft presentation team of Kevin Adler, John Lee and Marc Marc Schweigert did an outstanding job of articulating the distinct advantages of Virtual Earth for data dissemination and visualization, and how our strengths as “One Microsoft” support our customer group when you factor in the strengths of Vexcel’s long* history of geo-spatial remote sensing solutions for government agencies.

Unique to the Reston event, the Environmental Protection Agency had the opportunity to showcase their solution that they will unveil officially in the next few weeks. Regina Ryan, from Lockheed Martin, spent 20 minutes showcasing the solution that her team built for her client that uses the customer’s data and places those data sets (in this case, it was station mapping tools) on the Microsoft Virtual Earth. Ms. Ryan talked about her experience working with the VE API, and how she was able to do this relatively quickly despite the complexity of the data sets and the location of that data store. Customers asked Ms. Ryan questions about other mapping alternatives and her opinion about how they compare to Virtual Earth. There were two applications she was planning to demonstrate for the audience but only one of them was showcased in the given time slot.

If you were unable to attend any of the three Roadshow events, the presentations from our Microsoft and Vexcel crew can be found here on Marc's blog.



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