I would like to calculate the route from our home office to every zip code in the State of Michigan. There appears to be about 1170 zip codes in the State of Michigan and I'd rather not enter them one by one into MapPoint, calculate the route from our home office, record the total miles and drive time into an Excel spreadsheet and then move on to the next one.

Even if I could do two to three zip code per minute, it would still take me 6 to 10 hours. So, I'm wondering if there is any way to automate this process using MapPoint, Bing, or Google Maps?

If it helps, what I am trying to accomplish is creating an estimating spreadsheet for upcoming potential service calls. All the other information we need to know about the potential service call (i.e. number of man hours on site, materials, hotel stays, etc.) would be easy to input and then once the project zip code is entered the spreadsheet would calculate the total price to quote the customer.

I can pretty easily put this a together once I know the total miles and drive time from our office to each zip code.

Any help would be appreciated.