What Can You Learn From 5,000,000 Biomedical Grants?

BOSTON, Sept. 4, 2006--As billions of dollars of biological research money flows into the US life science segment every year, so does the torrent of text from grants. To obtain relevant knowledge of where this massive amount of information is heading, researchers and those in the business of science are left with few tools to analyze this information. Focusmarketing have addressed this issue with the release of new software that takes on this challenge.

The National Institute of Health maintains a database called CRISP. There is a wealth of information going from the present newly funded awards back to 1972. In this repository of biomedical information sits the printed research of over several hundred thousand US scientists. Pathways, techniques, proteins and disease research grants are awarded and listed weekly and monthly.

“Focusmarketing has developed a valuable set of tools for mining CRISP and other databases, and for helping develop informed and effective sales and marketing strategies in the life science research products industry” Michael Melnick, PhD Chief Commercial Officer Assay Designs Inc.

The software takes the standard search data and imports the text into an Access database.

The text can then be analyzed by statistical interpretation of year to year trends. Downloaded into Excel or Access, the information can be manipulated in many ways. Microsoft Mappoint integrated into the data output shows research by geography where key words can be analyzed by growth rates relative to zip code.

“We found Focusmarketing to be a great tool for mining leads and understanding trends in the public US life science market – fantastic tools” Thomas Czarnecki General Manager, Cybio.

Also available is the text analysis software for PubMed, JBC and Highwire press. These online scientific journals are a wealth of information of published scientific data. The Journal software lets researchers and those in the business of science condense their searches into simple frequency analysis of journal counts, author ranking, institution ranking and text analysis to make quick work of scanning tens of thousands of publication of interest.

In addition is software for New Grant Announcements or the NGA program for sales.

The software is available through BIO.COM: Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical News, Jobs, Software, Protocols, Events or visit the web site at Focus Marketing - NIH Software, NIH leads, NGA leads, new grants, NIH trend analysis, PubMed