Mappoint is very good tool that seems will solve every kind of requirement about geo base. but?

Lets assume that i have a location that found, for instance, with findaddressresult method . if this location in germany or uk or france, there is no problem. i can solve postal code and another address info from this location. but if this location is in nederland or benelux, then i cannot get the postcode info back from StreetAddress object.

i know the using of the objects. it is very easy but i think that there is a data problem with nederland and benelux in EU version.

although i can get the postal code doing some indirect calculations, the postal code that will come back will be NNNN format. but format must be NNNN AA. for example 3331 is ok but not complette. there must be 2 letter more. for example 3331 AN.

Do you have any experience about this? If there is no solution standart in MP2K2, then please can you make advise what can i do to solve this? is there any additional data suppliers for mp2?

i hope that i informed enough. This is urgent. Please help. Otherwise, i will be wasted my all time on MP2K2.