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Where is MapPoint 2006 Europe?

This is a discussion on Where is MapPoint 2006 Europe? within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; Can you tell me then... If MapPoint 2004 had (and I quote Microsoft here) "1st Quarter 2003 NAVTEQ map data" ...

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    Anthony_Hunt's Avatar
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    Maidstone, Kent

    Unhappy The cronology of map data

    Can you tell me then...

    If MapPoint 2004 had (and I quote Microsoft here) "1st Quarter 2003 NAVTEQ map data" and NAVTEQ say their data is ready 3-6 months after being created, why did MapPoint 2004 not have an entire housing estate just up the road from me in Maidstone, Kent on the map? It was built in 2000, four years earlier!

    This and other roads given to me by our customer (off the top of his head) make me think that this is the tip of the iceburg.

    Can NAVTEQ tell us what map data Microsoft have bought and implemented in MapPoint 2006? Because if we have to re-purchase the licences for 2006 for all the customers we have using 2004, the cost needs to be justified by more than a colour change to the map.

    After all, avoidance still doesn't work - you can't alter the maps - you can't run it on IIS for a Intranet Map Server - you still can't have multiple routes - it doesn't appear to be any quicker that the last version.
    None of this will make our customers think "I must upgrade". If they ask "Are the maps now up to date?" I have to answer honestly "no!".

    I can report closed roads to NAVTEQ? Well, that's nice, but they were closed a decade ago and I'm a software developer and it's not my business to compile a list of closed or missing roads in Greater London or the rest of the country. Otherwise I would be the one flogging maps.
    Anthony Hunt ach@kl2.com
    Senior Technical Specialist
    KL2 www.kl2.com
    Springfield House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME14 2LP
    Tel: 01622 670095

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    Wilfried is offline Senior Member Black Belt
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    Nov 2004
    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry but I do not have an appropriative answer for your questions. I think that map programs using Navteq data are the same. Maybe Microsoft buy the licence at a develepmont stage and then it take a while to bring new version out, and by then data is older of course. I think it is with every map engine the same.

    I understeand the frustration, but cannot help here, sorry...

    BTW: The street I live in is wrong. I see otehr streets in wrong location. But if I buy a paper map then they are also wrong. So what's the origin of the data ?

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