At a PR event held at Microsoft's Silicon Valley office this week, details of the latest Live Search were rolled out. Read about it here on the Live Search Blog. LiveSide and CNET have mentioned some of the new Map related features called out by Satya Nadella, VP of Search and Advertising platform, and All Points Blog highlighted some of the features our GM, Erik Jorgensen, showed off at the event. This prompted a couple of questions about where these features are on our Live Maps website and when they would be available. The Maps group releases on a different schedule than the core search platform so this new release is not out yet; you'll be able to access our latest and greatest soon. I'll of course have all of the details of this release here on the VE blog as soon as its finished baking.

Its shaping up to be a really nice release that we're all very proud of. In addition to the big rock features that have already begun to get some press, I think you'll appreciate of some of the improvements made in areas like core local search and breadth of content. This stuff usually doesn't make headlines but are among the most critical features when it comes to a good local search experience.

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