image I just read about how a Google Engineer apparently integrated Google Earth with Wii and "was able to get the Balance Board to talk to the program after decoding the Bluetooth packets being sent from the board.” Um, thankfully Brian Peek has done a write up for a supported a not “decoded” version of a similar interface using the Wiimote and Nunchuck with Microsoft Virtual Earth. Read the article (and have at the code) on Brian’s blog. Oh, and he wrote this 2 months ago. What?

In this article, Brian Peek will demonstrate how to use a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote), a Wii Fit Balance Board, and Vuzix VR920 glasses as input devices for Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D, providing a fully immersive, 3D experience.

This is an excellent article articulating the Virtual Earth 3D control and the APIs used to integrated the Wii controls with it. Also, full code samples are provided to get you up and running. Amazing!


Click here to view the article.