Winwaed Release Grid Imp Tool for MapPoint

Irving Texas, August 24 -- Winwaed Software Technology has released the Grid Imp tool for Microsoft's MapPoint application. Grid Imp plots gridded data in MapPoint, reading from a variety of text formats. Data is indexed using latitude, longitude coordinates (e.g. as used by GPS systems) rather than street addresses.

Full details, examples, and a free trial can be found at:

Grid Imp provides the following benefits:

- Display data that is on gridded coordinates.
- Works with text files exported by Excel, Access, etc.
- Data points are indexed by longitude and latitude coordinates
- Add a greater range of attractive displays to MapPoint.
- Greater flexibility of colormaps than standard MapPoint options.
- Tolerance for missing data.
- Plot data at a different resolution to the input file.
- Plot data for any point in the world.
- Supports both the 2002 and 2004 editions of MapPoint.

Other features include:

- Can re-grid data for a smoother display
- Support for data holes: keep them or interpolate across them.
- Support for space, tab, and comma separated input files.
- Polygon-reduction algorithm for fast rendering in MapPoint.
- Design and re-use your own colormaps.
- Walk-through tutorials.
- Supports Windows XP and Windows 2000.

For further information, and to download the free trial version, please visit:

Our support forum:

Grid Imp costs $60 for one license with volume discounts available.
(VAT and sales tax may apply)
It can be purchased from Winwaed at:

Winwaed Software Technology
PO Box 177062, Irving TX 75017-7062, USA
Fax: (214) 614-4999

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