Irving Texas, October 11th -- Winwaed Software Technology has released v1.1 of their Grid Imp tool for Microsoft's MapPoint application. Grid Imp plots gridded data in MapPoint, reading from a variety of text formats. Data is indexed using latitude, longitude coordinates (e.g. as used by GPS systems) rather than street addresses.

Full details, examples, and a free trial can be found at:

New Features in v1.1:

- Improved polygon optimization.
This results in much faster drawing, as well as faster MapPoint operations with the resulting map.

- Improved extrapolation.
Extrapolations from a relatively small area to a much larger area are now much faster.

- Support for Unix/Linux data files.
Grid Imp now supports the CR/LF conventions used in Unix and Linux, as well as MS-DOS and Windows. (ie. all simple ASCII text files)

- Improved XML Parser.
The underlying XML Parser used for WXM (saved colormap) files has been improved. If you create these yourself, you now use Unix text files, comments, and CDATA sections.

Grid Imp costs $60 for one license with volume discounts available (VAT and sales tax may apply), and can be purchased from Winwaed at:

Winwaed Software Technology
PO Box 177062, Irving TX 75017-7062, USA
Fax: (214) 614-4999

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