I have a web app that I've been working on now for a couple of years. We had an issue with MapPoint so we switched to Envinsa. It has been working well, except very slow. I thought I would try MapPoint again to see if the problem still existed and sure enough, the problem is still there.

I'm using the map service primarily for back ground maps and routing. I have numerous layers (mapinfo) that I render for this web app. I ask the map service for a background image for a particular bounding rectangle. The problem is that at a certain point when zooming in it will not zoom any further. The problem is not so much that it wont zoom any further, it's that it doesnt report any problem, so I can't work around it. After calling renderservice's getmap and check the bounding rectangle and compare it to what I asked for, it's basically the same. it happily keeps zooming further and further in but the actual image returned only shows the image at the max-zoom level. as you can imagine, when zooming in, (using the mouse wheel) it looks great until you hit this threshold. Then the background stops zoom and the foreground continues to zoom and it's all out of whack. Envinsa doesnt have this problem. Their problem is speed. This is over a year and a half ago that I noticed this with mappoint and it's still that way. any ideas?