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  1. MapPoint Add-In for Keyhole
  2. European Utilities Business Unit Leader
  3. Action Engine to Support Windows Mobile 5.0
  4. Analyzing (GPS) Equipment Markets on a Global Basis
  5. Map Out Your Wireless-Security Audits
  6. Switchboard Using MapPoint Web Service
  7. Innovations: Microsoft MapPoint helps businesses with routes
  8. Mapping Solutions releases TerraViewer for MapPoint
  9. Navigation drives growth for telematics in premium cars
  10. Indigo Community Technology Preview Helps Developers Connect
  11. Iteration2 Appointment as a Managed MapPoint Partner
  12. Consumers Trust Software Makers to Develop Car Software
  13. MapPoint Market Exploration
  14. Microsoft Great Plains version 8.5: upgrade, customization
  15. Run Many GPS Applications Using One GPS
  16. Microsoft Announces Availability of MapPoint Fleet Edition
  17. MapLinX Pro - Visualize, Analyze, Communicate Info on a Map
  18. Navision Sales Module & Reporting: Jet Reports, C/ODBC,
  19. MSN Maps & Directions Site Update
  20. Winwaed Software Technology Release MileCharter v1.2
  21. Microsoft CRM integration: Oracle database access from MSCRM
  22. Microsoft Great Plains Primer – tips for IT / Database Admin
  23. Locarta Announces Dashboard 3.1 For MapPoint Fleet Edition
  24. Gmail Invite
  25. Routeworks
  26. Microsoft CRM Exchange Connector, email handling improvement
  27. TerraViewer for MapPoint BETA Available
  28. Mobile GPS Online releases GPSTrack Version 4.0.0
  29. Autodesk is looking for a Product Manager in GIS and Mapping
  30. KMS Systems enhances security with GeoDoors
  31. Reverse Geocoding
  32. M.J. Menefee Construction Wins Constructech Vision Award
  33. Winwaed announces MileCharter for MapPoint
  34. Map-In-A-Box Reduced To $995 Until 31 December 2004
  35. MS Smarter Hospitality Provides Comprehensive Framework
  36. More Countries Digitized with Universal Addresses
  37. What's New at MP2K Magazine - November 4, 2004
  38. World's First, Smallest and Lightest, Global Locator Phone
  39. Tele Atlas Location Content Powering Top Internet Portals
  40. Google Acquires Keyhole Corp
  41. Keynote Helps MapPoint Web Service Performance
  42. Cacheminder v1.0.0 Now Available
  43. NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge
  44. Winwaed releases v1.1 of the GridImp utility
  45. New Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005 With GPS Locator
  46. Identify Geographical Location of Internet Address Space
  47. Color orthographic images made available inside Map-In-A-Box
  48. MSDN MapPoint Developer Center
  49. SRC Strengthens Executive Team
  50. Cubistix Announces Release Of CRM Front-End 2.0
  51. Coach Manager Web Pack to Be Launched November 2004
  52. MapData Sciences To Supply Australian Data For MapPoint
  53. Great Plains 8.0 for Australian businesses
  54. Microsoft Launches MapPoint Web Service for Australia
  55. A free and useful image tool for programmers,normal users
  56. Updated Software Simplifies GPS Application Development
  57. Winwaed release GridImp Tool for MapPoint
  58. New mappoint add-in
  59. Iteration2 Proves New MS MBS Partner Strategy is a Winner
  60. Cubistix Announces GeoSpatial Case Manager
  61. Dallas Team Gets Maverick
  62. HarvestGold Releases Sales Planning Process Solution
  63. Fleet Freedom 3.0 1x and Airlink Pinpoint
  64. MS Releases Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0
  65. Microsoft and Multimap Sign Agreement
  66. Brazil Has Been Digitized with Universal Addresses
  67. Winwaed Announces Pre-release Beta of The Grid Imp
  68. Small Businesses Fuel Economy With Help From Technology
  69. Action Engine Announces Application Support for MLS
  70. Tool to draw TomTom/NMEA GPS log in MapPoint
  71. 2004 North American Gaming Almanac
  72. GPS.NET for the PocketPC to Be Released Next Week
  73. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
  74. Cubistix Announces Results of Pechter's Test Application
  75. Cell phone tracking from AccuTracking
  76. MapPoint Location Server to Mobilize Businesses
  77. Apptera Deploys Packaged Speech Application for Leading Bank
  78. Map-In-A-Box 2.0 Press Release
  79. Wireless Industry Leaders Partner to Drive New Revenues
  80. GPS NavStar 60 day trial version
  81. Get the Austrian toll in MapPoint 2004.
  82. MapPoint MatchMaker release 1.0 is now available
  83. Microsoft Releases MapPoint Web Service 3.5
  84. MapPoint 2004 Goodies Published on Tech Trax
  85. Matrox announces new Parhelia PCI 256 MB graphics card
  86. NAC Real-Time Geocoding Service
  87. Polaris - Low Cost GPS Tracking System
  88. Custom Pushpins for MapPoint Now Available for Purchase
  89. job opp - contract - San JOSE - GIS Software Developer (Cont
  90. Antispam software, MailWasher Pro now compatible with AOL
  91. Eiffel Software Announces EiffelStudio™ and Eiffel ENViSioN!
  92. GPSTrackP Software Release
  93. Microsoft Reports First Quarter Earnings
  94. experimental support for uploading routes
  95. GPS NavStar Version 3.0.0 Release
  96. GPS Test and Evaluation Software Release (Mobile GPS Online)
  97. MapLinX Pro Advanced Query Tools for MapPoint 2004 Arrives!
  98. Staff Director for FGDC Announced
  99. TruckStops Route Scheduling Software v2.9 Adds Features
  100. Map-In-A-Box updated with latest NavTech and GDT data
  101. Waypoints to GPS now beta 3
  102. Data Importer now available for MapPoint 2004
  103. Microsoft Offers Deeper Market Insight With MapPoint 2004
  104. Microsoft Announces the Availability of MapPoint 2004
  105. Simmons Data Selected for Microsoft MapPoint 2004 Software
  106. Mapping Analytics to Embed Decision Science for Marketing
  107. MSN Announces New, Innovative Premium Services for Broadband
  108. MapInfo Updates Industry Leading Enterprise Mapping Solution
  109. AMD Announces Virtual GeoCaching Contest
  110. Channel Intelligence Selects Microsoft MapPoint Web Service
  111. MP2Kmag Editorial Calendar
  112. MarketPoint rolls out Yamaha Geomarketing solution
  113. Locarta 2020i® Vehicle Tracking System
  114. 2002 U.S. Estimates data has been released by the US Census
  115. MapPoint Reads Data from TracWise GPS Datalogger
  116. GIS Grows More Accessible
  117. Florida Community College at Jacksonville Teaches MapPoint
  118. MP 2004 Release schedule
  119. Dell Offers More Secure Desktop And Notebook Computers
  120. Panorama Software Extends Business Intelligence Capabilities
  121. MapPoint ActiveX Wrapper for Delphi 5/7
  122. Low Cost European and Canadian Geocoding Option in Upgrade
  123. Outtask Enhances Traveler Lodging Selection
  124. Map-In-A-Box for ESRI ArcGIS Users
  125. SEDONA Corporation Releases Intarsia V4.1
  126. FlyteComm Announces FlyteTrax II
  127. A low cost GPS Tracking System for fleet Management
  128. Coordinate Exchange for MapPoint
  129. Map-In-A-Box for ArcGIS now available
  130. MapLinX Pro (BETA) is now released!
  131. Mobile GPS Online releases Laptop NavStar Version 2.5.0
  132. WhiteTown software releases new line of products for working
  133. MapPoint Featured in NASA Report
  134. GeoSolutions 2003 in association with the AGI Conference
  135. GeoNorth 2003
  136. Joining up Government & Public Service: Launch of GeoNo