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  1. Not Be a Good Ok take
  2. What will happen if Google and Microsoft leave the mapping world?
  3. Announcing MileCharter for Maptitude!
  4. bing maps download
  5. MPExporter: Export Maptitude & Excel ready for beta testing
  6. MapPoint discontinued by 12-31-14
  7. MPExporter v1.0 Released!
  8. Initial version of MPExporter released!
  9. MPRouteWriter v3.7 Released!
  10. The Final Release of Visual Studio 2013 is Now Available!
  11. MPMileCharter v3.5 has just been released!
  12. MPCluster v2.3 has just been released!
  13. the MapPoint icon/logo
  14. MPMileage v2.3 has been released!
  15. MPSuperShape v3.0 has just been released!
  16. MP2K Magazine Newsletter Published -- Mapping Goals for 2013, Developing the MapPoint State Identification Game, MapPoint TIPS
  17. MapPoint training in UK - 31 January
  18. Free HTML 5 course and exam from Microsoft
  19. Deceptive Map-Making and How Maps Can Deceive Us
  20. One Tablet to Rule Them All
  21. The Forgotten MapMaker -- Nokia's NAVTEQ
  22. State Identification Game Using MapPoint
  23. Microsoft Announces New Javascript-based Language - TypeScript
  24. Should you Upgrade to MapPoint 2013?
  25. ClinicTracker Integration with Microsoft MapPoint
  26. QXpress Scheduling Software for Quickbooks
  27. MapPoint 2013 Construction Data Download
  28. Windows Phone Marketplace to Launch in 180 Countries
  29. Bing Maps Add Thousands of Shopping Malls
  30. Massive Addition of New Imagery More Then Doubles # of TB's of Imagery in Bing Maps!
  31. How Digital Maps are Made
  32. Easter Seals Nebraska Adopts Microsoft MapPoint
  33. Microsoft starting to use more of Nokia's mapping services
  34. Saxx Mobile Celebrates Five Year Anniversary
  35. Successful MapPoint Web Service (MWS) to Bing Maps Conversion
  36. Microsoft MapPoint 2011 Construction Data Update May 4th, 2012
  37. Mapping Bears
  38. O'Reilly Where Conference
  39. RESCUECOM Article about MapPoint 2011
  40. OpenStreetMap Grew Faster than Ever in 2011
  41. IC-ShapeManager (BETA) v3.0 Released
  42. MPMileage v2.0 Released
  43. FBI Crime Maps Now ‘Pinpoint’ Average Muslims
  44. MapPoint Web Service will be discontinued in 39 days.
  45. Complete 2010 SF1 U.S. Census Data Now Available Free
  46. MPCluster v2.0 Released!
  47. Visualize, potentially, dangerous locations
  48. Charts and Graphs: Microsoft Excel 2010
  49. Interesting Master: navigation and positioning techniques for European GNSS Agency
  50. MapPoint® - IC-GeoAnalysis™ Suite
  51. MapPoint for Routing Dry Cleaning Business
  52. Use BUILD2WIN Logistics' Interactive Map to Manage Your Resources
  53. Mapping Demographic Data
  54. O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference, April 19-21, 2011
  55. Fukushima - MapPoint
  56. Fast Geocoding of Addresses in C# with MapPoint
  57. EVENT: Bing Maps UK User Group Jan 19th
  58. MPCluster v1.2 Released: Support for Shaded Areas added
  59. NEW: MP Business-Suite North America
  60. New "How to Use MapPoint" pages launched
  61. Paint a Target on Your Customers - One Hour Bookkeeper
  62. MileCharter 2.11 released
  63. MPCluster v1.1 has been released: Cluster analysis for MapPoint pushpins
  64. Vehicle Routing Developers Forum
  65. New Product Released: MPCluster Cluster Analysis for MapPoint
  66. New Case Study on Using MapPoint for Field Service - SM-Plus Enterprise
  67. Using MapPoint to see Deaths
  68. MapPoint Geocoding Project
  69. MapForums Outage
  70. Bing Maps Book in French
  71. VB6 MapPoint Integration Project
  72. Navigation & Location USA
  73. VoXiS Vs Virus - A/H1N1
  74. Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 to be released Nov. 17, 2009
  75. New extension and free tools
  76. Apple Enters Mapping
  77. PASS Summit Unite 2009 Promo Code - $300 off
  78. Developer of LineDrive Receives MacArthur "Genius Grant"
  79. The CIA World Factbook in shapefile form
  80. New MapPoint Plotting Services (hardcopy,PDF,TIFF,Bing Maps)
  81. MPSuperShape v2.0 Released!
  82. Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 reviewed
  83. Mapping service
  84. Free Sales Training Offer: Master Your Territory with Microsoft® Streets and Trips
  85. Increase the size of pushpin callout
  86. Study: Ottumwa casino would hurt existing operations
  87. IDV Solutions Launches Visual Fusion in the Cloud: Integrates with Azure, OGDI & Data.gov
  88. MapPoint Can Help With Cleaning
  89. MPMileage v1.3 Released
  90. Terms Of Engagement
  91. Need MapPoint Developer
  92. Microsoft Photosynth Integrates Into Virtual Earth, Marking Commercial Availability of the 3-D Photo Technology
  93. Innovative Zeiterfassungslösungen auf der LIGNA Hannover 2009
  94. Microsoft Vine Beta
  95. Virtual Earth Day :-)
  96. MapPoint Project Work - Consultant Needed
  97. New Construction Updates are Available
  98. Virtual Earth Blurb on IBT - New Microsoft Virtual Earth Features
  99. MapPoint, MapInfo, or AlignStart Contract Opportunity
  100. Book Review from GeoWebGuru on Slashgeo
  101. vBulletin Upgrade from 3.7.2 to 3.8.1
  102. "Today's Posts" on Map Forums
  103. MP2K Magazine Newsletter
  104. Twitter Channel to Keep Track of MP2Kmag News & Updates
  105. Low Cost Web Designs
  106. MapPoint Survey - Help Shape the Next Release of MapPoint!
  107. MapPoint 2009 Europe Now Available
  108. Free Virtual Earth Developer Event (UK)
  109. Maintenance - ISP Changing Servers
  110. [WE-DIG] February 2009 Meeting Announcement
  111. Failed to open MapPoint construction routing file
  112. Jim Duffy's Article About Virtual Earth in CoDe Magazine
  113. Extreme Temperatures 2009
  114. MapPoint & VE News
  115. Analytical Programmer Position Available - Chicago
  116. Winwaed announce the Geoweb Guru site
  117. AirLink ATA Vehicle Tracking System
  118. Enaikoon MapPoint Route Manual
  119. Scala Ad Manager
  120. Site Selection for Retail Game Store with Microsoft MapPoint
  121. Rik Temmink on the Tele Atlas Acquisition of TomTom
  122. Reed Boardall tracks real-time trailer temps
  123. Browse Virtual Earth and Win a Zune Contest Starts NOW!
  124. MPSuperShape v1.6 released
  125. Intura Solutions Releases Upgrade of Intura Vision POS
  126. Microsoft Announces GeoSynth
  127. live links
  128. Virtual Earth Event (Reading, UK): Use mapping for user experience to delight your customers!
  129. NEW ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Framework
  130. Virtual Earth events in Paris
  131. Virtual Earth 6.2 Technical Webcast
  132. Winwaed announce MPMileage v1.0
  133. Locate Any Technician Vehicle, Anytime, Anywhere - 24/7
  134. u-blox GPS Technology to Power Microsoft MapPoint 2009 USB Stick
  135. Virtual Earth quarterly technical briefing with Johannes Kebeck - Registration now open!
  136. Explore the World of a Book Through Virtual Earth
  137. MapPoint 2009 Construction Data Update
  138. UK Virtual Earth Partner Events - September 2008
  139. Virtual Earth Pre-Day at Australia Partner Conference - Win a SmartPhone
  140. MapForums Newsletters
  141. Excel Basics to Blackbelt: An Accelerated Guide to Decision Support Designs
  142. Winwaed announce new product: Shape Name Utility
  143. Virtual Earth Quarterly Technical Briefing
  144. Satellite Images of Myanmar Cyclone Damage
  145. Multi-multi-core AMD chips
  146. Microsoft Abandoning Yahoo Acquisition
  147. Forum Upgrade
  148. Associated Press article about the GPS Device Market
  149. Mr. Excel Shows MapPoint
  150. Free Web Cast for Virtual Earth Developers
  151. Impressive Virtual Earth Update
  152. Top MapPoint Knowledge Base Articles
  153. GIS Solutions
  154. MapPoint is Awesome
  155. Silverlight 2.0 + Flickr + Virtual Earth Mashup
  156. GPS Tracking and Child Safety
  157. SQL Server 2008
  158. Live Search for Mobile
  159. Geomarketing mit MapPoint
  160. MapPoint / Virtual Earth Developer Resume
  161. Software Development
  162. MapPoint Web Service PHP Example
  163. Obama Gun Control
  164. GPS Tracking System
  165. GPS/GPRS/SMS tracking solution
  166. Bridge Tracker Application
  167. Interactive World Map on Your Desktop
  168. Lingerie and Adult Novelties
  169. Avatar Uploading
  170. Online data converter for MapPoint
  171. Who Updates the Maps?
  172. DBS Software Integrates MapPoint
  173. Vehicle Tracking Solutions Launches Webview
  174. GPS Devices Emerge
  175. Report on Meat and Meat Product Wholesalers in the US
  176. More on the Multimap Acquisition
  177. Virtual Earth Application for Realtors
  178. Microsoft Buys Multimap
  179. MapPoint 2006 vs. Virtual Earth 6.0
  180. FindWhere's GPS Tracking Service to use Virtual Earth
  181. RouteWriter v2 Released
  182. ERP Software - Looking For ERP Software Solution For Ladies Garment Manufacturer
  183. Garmin will not buy TeleAtlas
  184. Free basic RFIDe-Learning Courses
  185. Importing GIS data into MapPoint
  186. SQL Server 2008 Spatial Features
  187. MapData Sciences will use Microsoft's Virtual Earth
  188. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Adds Microsoft as Principal Member
  189. Virtual Earth Beta Exam
  190. LaptopGPSWorld.com Launched
  191. Nokia To Buy Navteq
  192. Masternaut
  193. vBulletin 3.6.8
  194. Using MapPoint to Plot Hotspot Locations
  195. Microsoft Teams with NASA for 3-D Space Shuttle Images
  196. LATSnLONGS.COM appointed as a value added reseller
  197. MrExcel Webcast Demo of MapPoint
  198. MapPoint 2006 for State and Local Government Webcast Aug 7th.
  199. Real Estate Connect San Francisco 2007
  200. MapForums Changes