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  1. bingmaps: Bing Maps on Your Verizon Android http://bit.ly/djl8GV #BingMaps
  2. bingmaps: I'll be presenting Bing Maps at the Seattle Silverlight User's Group Oct. 6: http://bit.ly/bHcc7r. Just can't get away... ^CP
  3. bingmaps: RT @sandrobatista: The Sandro Batista Daily http://paper.li/sandrobatista - featuring @Geodiscussion @cageyjames @Gartner_inc @bingmaps
  4. bingmaps: @taxiroute Ha! Well, there will be others backfilling the @BingMaps account. And, of course you could always follow me @ChrisPendleton
  5. bingmaps: End of an Era?and, Beginning Anew: http://bit.ly/a38vab. ^CP
  6. bingmaps: Introducing PHP and VB .NET SDKs for Bing Maps Platform: http://bit.ly/9303QC. ^CP
  7. bingmaps: #BingMaps and Hotmail come together http://bit.ly/dw8EXt ^JK
  8. bingmaps: Switch on the Light - #BingMaps and LightSwitch http://bit.ly/bRmAxi ^JK
  9. Switch on the Light - Bing Maps and LightSwitch (Part 2/2)
  10. Switch on the Light - Bing Maps and LightSwitch (Part 1/2)
  11. bingmaps: Bing Maps Custom Tile Skinner via King of Bing Maps @rbrundritt: http://bit.ly/czRI7O. ^CP
  12. bingmaps: RT @lylesback2: Two and a Half Men (TV show) uses @bingmaps that was interesting to see!
  13. bingmaps: Bing's new Food Cart Finder map app helps foodies in Portland make epicurean decisions - http://bit.ly/cd1yar ^BH
  14. bingmaps: Bing Maps Control for Windows Phone 7 availability Sept. 16: http://bit.ly/9fj7nC. ^CP
  15. Bing Maps and Hotmail come together
  16. bingmaps: @bwilliam46 This is what I see when I do that: http://yfrog.com/6tax6j. ^CP
  17. bingmaps: He doesn't tweet much, but I'll lean on him. Blaise Aguera y Arcas (Bing Maps Architect) is now on Twitter. @blaiseaguera. ^CP
  18. bingmaps: Computer Outlook radio interview w/ @corts1 (7/21) just surfaced. I talk Bing and #BingMaps: http://bit.ly/atoR14. ^CP
  19. bingmaps: In case you missed it, @lfoy and I announced the King of Bing Maps and discussed the new Bing Maps on @ch9: http://bit.ly/dzm7BC. ^CP
  20. bingmaps: "This Week in Maps" show w/ @DiAnnEisnor and I discussing new #BingMaps published: http://bit.ly/bmrHRw. ^CP
  21. bingmaps: @BisiAlao http://bit.ly/9rLnbX.
  22. bingmaps: @mavtak Haven't reverted anything...
  23. bingmaps: @venomshot Unlikely. Upgrade to WP7 and you'll be pimpin' Bing Maps greatness.
  24. bingmaps: I also, discuss the new Bing Maps map style...RT @ch9 King of Bing Maps: Winners Announced! http://ch9.ms/C6F1
  25. bingmaps: The King has been crowned! Taxi-Fare Calculator is the King of Bing Maps! GeoSalesTax is the runner-up. http://bit.ly/cgyZV1
  26. bingmaps: @venomshot What's the fail there? ^CP
  27. bingmaps: New Bing Map App: Wiki Explorer: http://bit.ly/9IP9Fj. ^CP
  28. bingmaps: Here's why I'll be in Munich next month: "Irgendwie und SEO - Konferenz und Networking in München": http://bit.ly/cegsh0. ^CP
  29. bingmaps: Countdown to the King of Bing Maps Coronation...2 days! Friday, 6AM PDT. Dang, I have to get up for that. :-/ ^CP
  30. bingmaps: Facebook Places Launches with Bing?d Out Maps: http://bit.ly/bWen7X. ^CP
  31. bingmaps: XBox Live for Windows Phone 7 Will Feature Bing Maps: http://bit.ly/cl8D9l. ^CP
  32. bingmaps: Windows Live Essentials Adds Geotagging Option to Photo Gallery: http://bit.ly/cfxZGi. ^CP
  33. bingmaps: The King of Bing Maps will be crowned Friday, 6 a.m. Pacific! Watch here, FB, & Channel 9 for the announcement. http://channel9.msdn.com/
  34. bingmaps: The King of Bing Maps will be crowned Fri., Aug. 20th at 6 a.m. Pacific time! Watch Ch. 9 for the announcement. #kingofbingmaps
  35. bingmaps: RT @saralinares: Está al día con las novedades de bing con @bingmaps!!! ^CP
  36. bingmaps: @DavidBurela The new maps aren't available in the Bing Maps Platform. Technically, you can hijack the URIs to do it, but its not supported.
  37. bingmaps: @KevinHejduk Bing Maps runs on Azure CDN - global distribution of data. Just as fast if not faster than G. How r u accessing Bing Maps?
  38. bingmaps: RT @caroldn: The integration of MS Photosynth and Bing Maps is really about the coolest thing lately: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJo ...
  39. bingmaps: RT @video360: @bingmaps Thanks for Grand Canyon GigaView #9: Nankoweap Granaries in HD360 http://bit.ly/9Z1Du7 Look to the river
  40. bingmaps: Bringing the clouds together: Azure + Bing Maps: http://bit.ly/dytQhQ. ^CP
  41. bingmaps: @carlaparry Have fun! Miss you, Carla! ^CP
  42. bingmaps: @kingdom_saint What Android app are you referring to? :)
  43. bingmaps: Podcast: Bing Maps Stacks the Deck Against Google: http://bit.ly/dsB4JG. @joefrancica ^CP
  44. bingmaps: RT @Scobleizer: Blog: Map Wars (visiting @Bing?s imaging center) http://bit.ly/dtQ8HP
  45. bingmaps: New Bing Map App Game: Coin Search: http://bit.ly/bMhavF. (It's a code sample too). ^CP
  46. bingmaps: 3 minutes of @lfoy greatness about Bing Map Apps courtesy of @ch9: http://bit.ly/9C8mgA ^CP
  47. bingmaps: Ping 69 @ch9: #BingMaps Taxi App, Windows Phone 7 adds Voice, Mobile App Match, Halo 2600 http://ch9.ms/C4CX ^CP
  48. bingmaps: @natelawrence In the 3D control, yes. You just use the tile overlay method and change the URL string params. Not avail on .com site. ^CP
  49. bingmaps: RT @Chirag64: OK!!! @Bingmaps' aerial view of #India is better than that of @Googlemaps
  50. bingmaps: RT @movingahead: @bingmaps is becoming as good as @googlemaps - performs better on my slow Wifi connection
  51. bingmaps: VanGuide: First Windows Phone 7 Open Data App Uses #BingMaps: http://bit.ly/981W1v. ^CP
  52. bingmaps: RT @teelahti: Visited small Island by boat on Finnish archipelago; @bingmaps able to store place to favorites, @googlemaps not. Point 4Bing.
  53. bingmaps: RT @liveside: Post: Going into (a LOT of) detail on changes to Bing Maps http://livesi.de/cuLlgR
  54. BingMapsDev: In depth look and comparison of Bing's new road styles: http://www.41latitude.com/
  55. bingmaps: @ThisisNP Call it competitive intelligence gathering.
  56. bingmaps: @bwilliam46 Me either. I've reported and escalated. ^CP
  57. bingmaps: @Gurpartap We have an API for getting tiles (GetMapUri), but you can't use them for offline use. Violates TOUs. ^CP
  58. bingmaps: @ThisisNP Well, I am. I can't speak for the other folks who jump on occassionally. :) ^CP
  59. bingmaps: San Francisco opens 311 service w/ Bing Maps: http://j.mp/bhlrOP ^CP
  60. bingmaps: @bwilliam46 Maybe a double rainbow 404 page? :) Good feedback.
  61. bingmaps: @ThisisNP If you're the business owner, you can edit the location in the Local Listings Center.
  62. bingmaps: RT @StarwoodBuzz: It's a cool tool RT @bwilliam46: @StarwoodBuzz this "Link at Sheraton" @bing & @bingmaps thing looks really cool - see ...
  63. bingmaps: Yeah! What gives? RT @zafeuer: Watching MSNBC this morning, surprised to see they are using Google Earth and not @bingmaps. What gives?
  64. bingmaps: New Bing Map App: Seattle Issues: http://j.mp/cuNRtw ^CP
  65. bingmaps: Hot --> RT @bwilliam46: @bingmaps so much hotness / eye candy here 36.116515999999976 -115.170746 http://bit.ly/bCD87D
  66. bingmaps: @iGuido85 Have you upgraded to the latest version of SL4? If the site works, everything (including SS) will work. ^CP
  67. bingmaps: Bing's Bringing Sexy Maps: http://j.mp/axWqlb ^CP
  68. bingmaps: RT @mashable Calculate Cab Fares With Bing Maps http://bit.ly/cVaOws #api #app #bing
  69. bingmaps: Documenting Egyptian Archeological Discoveries with Photosynth: http://bit.ly/bg36Q1. @NATGEONEWS ^CP
  70. BingMapsDev: Bing Maps has new street mode symbology, I like the purple roads and clean labels: http://www.bing.com/maps/explore/
  71. BingMapsDev: RT @queuester: Open Street Map now live on Bing Maps. Go to Map Apps at www.bing.com/maps/explore. #osm #sotm10
  72. bingmaps: Bing Maps Adds OpenStreetMap: http://bit.ly/9ZIx5B. @openstreetmap ^CP
  73. bingmaps: RT @ch9 Ping 68: Streetside, Hohm, Student Partners, Kinect & Farmaritaville http://ch9.ms/C3L1
  74. bingmaps: For the people on the east coast, I have a kind of big Bing Maps announcement tweeting out at 5pm. Didn't want you to miss out. ^CP
  75. bingmaps: Who Shall Be King? 8 New Bing Map Apps to choose from: http://j.mp/akcZm3 ^CP
  76. bingmaps: Bing Maps for @WordPress Bloggers: http://j.mp/9V13K9 ^CP
  77. bingmaps: @redwanhuq I mean, what exactly is inaccurate? Can you provide the info you're searching for? Slowness could be connectivity.
  78. BingMapsDev: Reading @Chrispendleton article 'The world according to Bing' http://bit.ly/9mmoWy
  79. bingmaps: "The Thing About Bing" CP interview published in @gim_intl mag: http://bit.ly/b4l6eJ. Avail free online. ^CP
  80. bingmaps: Add Bing (Maps) to Your Safari Browser Extensions: http://bit.ly/aFeDsd. ^CP
  81. bingmaps: Here's a fun video: 10 Places not on Google Earth: http://bit.ly/bTcx1Y. ^CP
  82. bingmaps: RT @gim_intl: ^JB We have published an interview with #Microsoft #Bing #Maps's @chrispendleton - now available online! http://ht.ly/2ik9f
  83. bingmaps: Nice to see @MSFTResearch project Street Slide outside the firewall: http://j.mp/bUUYTu. ^CP
  84. bingmaps: @zafeuer Pretty sure that's comScore rankings. ^CP
  85. bingmaps: @redwanhuq Whatchu talkin' bout Willis? Details of your setup please...
  86. bingmaps: See the updated Bing Twitter Map App? Photo pins, sharing, tabbed searches walk thru embedded maps: http://bit.ly/9rnCaL ^CP
  87. bingmaps: @mackenziepricee @TravisPearl MSR built Destination Maps as a Bing Map App. ^CP
  88. bingmaps: @blakey15 Always a chance. Do you WANT a Silverlight experience or something within the SL experience?
  89. bingmaps: @zafeuer Surprisingly, MQ is still number two in Map Search...for now. Do people still use AOL to connect to the intertube? ^CP
  90. bingmaps: RT @IncaX: IncaX, ONR, Pelican Racing and @BingMaps feature in GIS Professional magazine. http://tinyurl.com/34kjch7 ^CP
  91. bingmaps: @natelawrence You would think so...updates are coming, tho. The pump is certainly primed. ^CP
  92. bingmaps: My IEEE article, "The World According to Bing" has gone syndicate. You can read it online now: http://bit.ly/apUnNL. ^CP
  93. bingmaps: Reminder, Bing Maps FB fans: you can now find us on the @Bing FB page for the latest product info and tips!... http://fb.me/FagnExwg
  94. bingmaps: Reminder, Bing Maps FB fans: you can now find us on the @Bing FB page for the latest product info and tips! http://binged.it/mapstab1
  95. bingmaps: You can now find us on the @Bing FB page for the latest product info and tips! http://binged.it/mapstab1
  96. bingmaps: Time to update our longitude/latitude stats ? we are shutting down this page shortly and exploring the latest Bing... http://fb.me/tP86qacX
  97. bingmaps: @Org9 Can you hear me now?
  98. bingmaps: RT @nitinsalgar: @bingmaps shows accurate location on my @blackberry where as @googlemaps doesn't
  99. bingmaps: I'm doing a radio interview for Computer Outlook with @corts1 in 15 minutes. Listen live online! http://bit.ly/c2j75i. ^CP
  100. bingmaps: We just updated our Facebook coordinates ? find us now on the @Bing page! http://binged.it/mapstab1 ^CP
  101. bingmaps: Facebook Maps Out User Stories with Bing: http://bit.ly/bBJ7na. ^CP #facebook
  102. bingmaps: The 2010 King of Bing Maps Contest ends 7/25 at midnight. http://bit.ly/bCPnlb. The prestige of becoming the King is just days away!
  103. bingmaps: @DeepFat you know, you don't have to reproject the 2770 to import it into SQL. Just save it as a geometry data type.
  104. bingmaps: @DeepFat U can import 2770 into SQL as a geometry datatype w/out reprojecting. If you want geog datatype, Safe FME is to way to go. ^CP
  105. bingmaps: Embed Tour de France Tweet Map on your blog w/ Bing: http://bit.ly/cvKsiv. #TweetdeFrance ^CP
  106. bingmaps: Hot. #BingMaps for broadcast. RT @lylesback2: @bingmaps http://tweetphoto.com/33046144 ^CP
  107. bingmaps: Did you know that just seven lines of code could make it easier to identify property lines for more than 100... http://fb.me/y5F2oPPN
  108. bingmaps: 7 lines of code opens more than 100 million U.S. parcel overlays? http://bit.ly/cJzV4G
  109. bingmaps: @andspo Me, me! I'll be in the ATL Tuesday at S4. Swing by my Bing Maps session. ^CP
  110. bingmaps: RT @lylesback2: The local weather network using @bingmaps as background, w/ logo, but cool to see someone using something other than google
  111. bingmaps: Got a kick out of this Bing commercial featuring #BingMaps guiding Easy Rider: http://youtu.be/ODMb8-FYqG8. ^CP
  112. bingmaps: @sabarish For same reason we can't get BingMaps.com to use it. Gotta work through lots of issues.
  113. bingmaps: Data Connector Launched: SQL Server 2008 Spatial + #BingMaps: http://bit.ly/bq8mng. ^CP @MS_SQL_Server
  114. bingmaps: @sabarish Try the Bing Maps India site: http://bit.ly/THhzE. We have two because of geopolitical border disputes. ^CP
  115. bingmaps: Nice. @NatGeoSociety awards Alexander Graham Bell Medals to @ESRI 's Dr. Roger Tomlinson & Jack Dangermond: http://bit.ly/aPjdO8. ^CP
  116. bingmaps: @SeattleMaven I'll see you there. You can take a "Twittograph" of me chowing down. :)
  117. bingmaps: Microsoft Research & @NASA Add Mars to Worldwide Telescope and #BingMaps: http://bit.ly/bNiOaU. ^CP
  118. bingmaps: My #BingMaps peeps are at the #ESRIUC in San Diego this week. http://bit.ly/84Me1t. @cdlongo keeps sending me colorful pics . Ugh! ^CP
  119. bingmaps: More info about Microsoft Codename Dallas was released at #WPC today. Most data is geo: http://bit.ly/wpcdallas. ^CP
  120. bingmaps: My work with @MSNBC is paying off. Some news stories syndicated via MSN.com are displaying #BingMaps. ^CP
  121. bingmaps: Was just invited to the @DMPInc workshop at #ICSF: http://bit.ly/9Ml9fp. More w/ #BingMaps: http://bit.ly/d2WNP0. ^CP
  122. bingmaps: And, if you're wondering what #ICSF is: http://bit.ly/a1P6Gr. ^CP #BingMaps
  123. bingmaps: The #BingMaps team has 3 sessions at #ICSF tomorrow. Hope you can make it. @InmanNews
  124. bingmaps: @HughL Click the "Help" link on Bing Maps (bottom right) and search for Embed. If you need more, LMK. ^CP
  125. bingmaps: Overlay Parcel Boundaries on Bing Maps (in 7 lines of code!): http://bit.ly/d2WNP0. ^CP
  126. bingmaps: @ducktape1 Apparently, we haven't refreshed Greece, NY since then. Clear 30 will get us there soon: http://bit.ly/aPYAcQ. ^CP
  127. bingmaps: Got plans for a BBQ, a ballgame or a trip to the beach this weekend? Check the Weatherbug Map App on Bing Maps first! http://bit.ly/b1FBcr
  128. bingmaps: @ducktape1 Depends. Basically, every 90 days, but we have incremental updates here and there. Imagery is added every month. ^CP
  129. bingmaps: Bing Maps at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference: http://bit.ly/dtvSzK. @WPCDC #wpc10
  130. bingmaps: Bing Maps Keyboard Shortcuts for AJAX and Silverlight: http://fb.me/CSyHZzWD
  131. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Bing Maps Keyboard Shortcuts (for you anti-mousers): http://bit.ly/amH8Tq. ^CP
  132. bingmaps: Bing Maps Keyboard Shortcuts (for you anti-mousers): http://bit.ly/amH8Tq. ^CP
  133. bingmaps: @SelAromDotNet Haven't seen anything specific on this topic. Bing Maps Silverlight Control, I assume? ^CP
  134. bingmaps: RT @monthofbing: Day 6/weekend recap of heavy @bing usage is up: http://monthofbing.com/day6 | I'm really warming up to @bingmaps
  135. bingmaps: RT @sbolen: RT @monthofbing: Day 6/weekend recap of heavy @bing usage is up: http://bit.ly/at7qY7. I'm really warming up to @bingmaps
  136. bingmaps: RT @mackenziepricee: Find an address on Google Maps on iPhone. After 10 minutes I couldn't find it. @bingmaps found it almost instantly.
  137. bingmaps: @harsham If you want the best data, get it from the source, apply geopolitical standards & host within country boundaries. ^CP
  138. bingmaps: @KellyOlexa Hot. Hot. Hot.
  139. bingmaps: @QubeIt Weird. Restart the app? Could be some issues with colliding processes.
  140. bingmaps: @FullCircle_360 Currently hiring for the following positions in #BingMaps: http://bit.ly/ckrOmy. ^CP
  141. bingmaps: RT @nathanfolkman: Pleasantly surprised how easy-cheesy the @bingmaps reverse geocoder is to use. #dev
  142. bingmaps: Tweets along Tour de France route on @LanceArmstrong site using embedded Bing @Twitter Map App: http://bit.ly/7w7Wo9. ^CP
  143. bingmaps: @Org9 Now you don't like our ads or slogans? You're killin' me Laura. ;)
  144. bingmaps: Spatial Energy Announces Plans to Distribute #BingMaps to Global Energy Companies: http://bit.ly/9gePw7 ^CP
  145. bingmaps: Why #BingMaps moved out of a data center and into Windows Azure CDN: http://bit.ly/cxCNVY. ^CP
  146. bingmaps: New Bing Map App: The 97th Tour de France begins July 3 going 3,642km in 23 days to the finish in Paris July 25.... http://fb.me/BmsNB4Tc
  147. bingmaps: New Bing Map App: 2010 Tour de France: http://bit.ly/aJqnu5. ^CP
  148. bingmaps: @KellyOlexa @krista_parry I don't have time to get sick. Plus, I travel so much I have airborne running through my veins.
  149. bingmaps: RT @planetmarshall: @ChrisPendleton Bing maps and geodesics - might be interested. http://bit.ly/94OSfM
  150. SMS and WAP to Find Nearest Starbucks
  151. Virtual Earth - A Great Waste of Time...
  152. Hotels.com International Launches on Virtual Earth
  153. InfoSpace.com Launches on MapPoint Web Service
  154. Virtual Earth in the Public Sector
  155. Inside Virtual Earth 3D
  156. SAP and Virtual Earth
  157. Harley-Davidson Great Roads Now Live with Virtual Earth
  158. Try Local Searching via SMS
  159. bingmaps: Evo Conference Musing and A Woman's Touch: http://bit.ly/ceKiWl. ^CP #evoconf
  160. bingmaps: New Bing Map App: Imagine Cup 2010: http://bit.ly/dxar1a. ^CP @soulsolutions
  161. bingmaps: Imagine Cup 2010 finalists are in and many focus on location w/ #BingMaps. Go vote! http://bit.ly/bQJsM0. ^CP
  162. The Bing Maps AJAX Control on Mobile Devices
  163. bingmaps: I
  164. bingmaps: Cloud computing for geo: #BingMaps + SQL Azure via @JohannesKebeck: http://bit.ly/coJ3S7. ^CP
  165. bingmaps: SQL Azure now supports spatial data types in the cloud via T-SQL: http://bit.ly/dogQk3. ^CP
  166. bingmaps: RT @MIXEvent: MIX returns to Mandalay Bay, Apr 12-14, 2011. Join the email newsletter for updates! http://live.visitmix.com/ #MIX11
  167. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: on my way to present #bingmaps at the #vbug event in Fareham. Tough to compete w/ weather, Wimbledon & Brazil though :-)
  168. bingmaps: @matthidinger If we have the image available, yes. More details: http://bit.ly/8JQ8SO. ^CP
  169. BingMapsDev: SQL Azure now supports spatial! http://is.gd/d5A8G , @johanneskebeck has Bing Maps demo http://is.gd/d5AfE
  170. Find-Near-Route for Bing Maps powered by SQL Azure (Spatial)
  171. BingMapsDev: Nice tutorial on displaying Flickr images in the Bing Maps Silverlight control: http://is.gd/d4d6y
  172. BingMapsDev: @niccai You can provide your own template for any of the controls but there aren't any extras published, full custom navbar in deepearth tk
  173. bingmaps: Future of Location, Social, Mobile focus of my #evoconf panel tomorrow @ 2:45. Hope to c u there: http://bit.ly/aSbtX2. ^CP
  174. bingmaps: Congrats to @BGISolutions Honored as 2010 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Germany: http://bit.ly/aDKQ6Q. ^CP
  175. bingmaps: State of Michigan launches public services site with Bing Maps: http://bit.ly/di01n0. ^CP
  176. bingmaps: You're on the clock! The King of Bing Maps Challenge is accepting Map App entries for one more month - thru July... http://fb.me/AWIBw1UQ
  177. bingmaps: You're on the clock! Deadline for King of Bing Maps Challenge is 1 month from today, 7/25. Here's how to get started: http://bit.ly/aL0H7x
  178. bingmaps: Bing Maps helps Florida catch what the Census missed: http://bit.ly/dg25qw. ^CP
  179. bingmaps: Oh, I just made @Bing my search engine on iOS4. Just go to bing.com in Safari, do a search and when prompted click ok. Done.
  180. Drag-able Routes in the Bing Maps AJAX Control
  181. bingmaps: Don't want to install Silverlight to follow World Cup via the Home Turfinder map app? Then, use AJAX: http://bit.ly/ceCJyJ.
  182. bingmaps: USA Advances in World Cup. Did you get your @Bing @foursquare Home Turf badge? http://bit.ly/cRSlHA.
  183. bingmaps: RT @devkeydet: blog post: Open Government Data and Bing Map Apps - http://bit.ly/aQjbsu #bingmaps #opengov #gov20 #opendata #ogdi #OData
  184. bingmaps: Bing Map App Developer Resources (w/ video). Coronation awaits you: http://bit.ly/98i5nj. ^CP
  185. bingmaps: I'm on @kellyolexa 's panel "What?s on the Social Media Horizon" at #Evo this Saturday: http://bit.ly/aSbtX2. ^CP
  186. bingmaps: @sumogray Are you getting an error on the bingmapsportal.com site?
  187. bingmaps: My IEEE article, "The World According to Bing" published today. Proud moment: http://bit.ly/aQC7hy. ^CP
  188. bingmaps: Awesome! Never miss a bus! RT @matthidinger: The bing maps control has worked great on my WP7 app as well http://bit.ly/aGL2Y8
  189. bingmaps: Apparently #WP7 and #BingMaps is bad ass: http://bit.ly/aUluLZ. ^CP
  190. bingmaps: How long would it take to create a Map App fit for a King? http://fb.me/B8T8ogGq
  191. bingmaps: How long would it take you to create a Map App fit for a King? www.KingofBingMaps.com #bingmaps
  192. bingmaps: RT @Microsoft_Gov: New post - (looking back at the) Gov 2.0 Expo: Mapping the Endless Possibilities of Open Geo Data http://bit.ly/9UeT4u
  193. bingmaps: Looking for the elusive Bing #4sq badge? Follow Bing on 4sq, go to fav bar, imbibe, shout country support, repeat: http://bit.ly/dmax3d. ^CP
  194. bingmaps: [VID] @Earthware built my #4sq map app (& several others). They produced a tutorial on getting started: http://bit.ly/a5sgEB. ^CP
  195. bingmaps: RT @earthware: just published our first Bing Map Apps developer video tutorial http://bit.ly/daJMen #bingmaps #silverlight
  196. bingmaps: @laputean Probably impossible given the environments, but I like the innovative thinking!
  197. bingmaps: Think you've got what it takes to be The King of Bing Maps? Prove it: http://bit.ly/cuzIkf. ^CP
  198. bingmaps: What?s the buzz at the World Cup? Not zuzuvelas. Bing Maps has the latest news w/ the World Cup Map App: www.bing.com/maps/explore #worldcup
  199. bingmaps: Bing Maps UK user group meeting this Wed. Don't miss it: http://j.mp/cdB5ZY. ^CP
  200. BingMapsDev: RT @earthware: DEVELOPERs don't forget its the 2nd Bing Maps User Group this Wed 16th sessions on surface and bingmapapps http://bit.ly/ ...