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  1. bingmaps: @bobdmv Thanks for tweeting! We appreciate your support...
  2. bingmaps: @leaderswest And we're hoping your Thursday is outstanding! Thanks for the shout out...
  3. bingmaps: @anassaadallah @bing Very nice collection...thanks for using Bing Maps!
  4. bingmaps: @seanbeighton @affirmaconsult @xboxkinect Amazing! The future is now, people. Now, what if we combine bingmaps with dance dance revolution?
  5. bingmaps: RT @MSEurope: The heart of #BingMaps lies with an #innovative European #geospatial organisation, Vexcel Imaging @alwieche http://t.co/2p ...
  6. bingmaps: The first in a new series of webcasts on the Bing Maps platform takes place tomorrow. Register here: http://t.co/AGMNhc9V #BingMaps
  7. bingmaps: RT @bing: Share #BingMaps w/ your friends in a cinch via expanded share options: http://t.co/qAQ6qLpe ^bb
  8. bingmaps: More updates to Bing Maps REST API and Spatial Data Service http://t.co/3oUO13k9 #BingMaps
  9. bingmaps: RT @mspartnersuk: ^Al*New series of introduction to #BingMaps webcasts. Great to understand the partner opportunity http://t.co/VkcntTTq
  10. bingmaps: RT @rbrundritt: Simple Custom Infoboxes in Bing Maps V7 http://t.co/d0KzMUb4
  11. bingmaps: Over the coming months, we?re running a number of webcasts covering the latest on the Bing Maps platform. Register here http://t.co/CRWh71cC
  12. Streets and Trips hangs at the splash screen
  13. A Happy Streets & Trips winner!
  14. bingmaps: New Airport Maps for Bing http://t.co/v6qis37E #BingMaps
  15. bingmaps: Check out Bing Maps on the Amazing Race: http://t.co/nx5F05pT!
  16. bingmaps: Updates to Bing Maps: REST API, AJAX Control v7, and Account Center http://t.co/apu2UkHA #BingMaps
  17. Even Santa uses Streets & Trips
  18. Hello Dallas!
  19. BingMapsDev: @floriandusch assuming ajax v7? I can't see an easy option. You can turn off the base tiles and add custom tile layer pointing to road tiles
  20. Streets & Trips 2011 POI Mega File Sept. Update
  21. Streets & Trips 2011 on sale at Amazon
  22. Congratulations to all our Trivia Winners!
  23. bingmaps: @brianlagunas*.@bingmaps*Thanks for the report.*The #Bing Maps WPF control is beta just so we can find cases like this.
  24. bingmaps: RT @rbrundritt: Calculating long routes with Bing Maps V7 http://t.co/OHG0Io0
  25. Final week of the National Parks Trivia Contest ? win $50!
  26. BingMapsDev: RT @rbrundritt: Calculating long routes with Bing Maps V7 http://t.co/OHG0Io0
  27. Bing Maps WPF Control Beta Released!
  28. BingMapsDev: @BuildingLayer currently no custom layer support, we need developers to get their support behind this one to get more features.
  29. BingMapsDev: @caramcculla you can use Bing Maps emebeded http://t.co/yBJNWRw to place the code on your site as per any other html snippet.
  30. BingMapsDev: Looking for Bing Maps V7 modules or want to share yours? New Codeplex project http://t.co/yQ2AYTw I'll be one of the contributors
  31. Final 2 Weeks to Participate in the S&T Sweepstakes
  32. bingmaps: Introducing the Bing Maps AJAX Control Module Sharing Project: http://t.co/JmbvERW
  33. BingMapsDev: Finally the Bing Maps WPF control is out! Great news for Surface2 developers http://t.co/T1DxDzg
  34. bingmaps: RT @bing: Who?s in? We are! Our new ?We?re In? mobile app for @windowsphone*makes organizing friends super easy: http://t.co/DJM3ho1 ^bb
  35. BingMapsDev: Awesome, code to keep running your own version of Virtual Earth 3D control after they turn off the official support http://t.co/3nmoshY
  36. Enter the S&T weekly drawing to win a $50 Visa gift card!
  37. Still Using S&T 2000 and Loving it!
  38. BingMapsDev: @floriandusch Use the "typeName" parameter in the pushpinoptions http://t.co/R3WQ8MH http://t.co/lwuIUz8
  39. Visual Learner? Check out the 16 training video tutorials on S&T.
  40. 6 winners of $50 so far during our National Parks trivia contest
  41. BingMapsDev: Have you noticed all the improvements to Bing Maps Road style over the last 12 months? What do you think of the changes? http://t.co/g5gstOa
  42. bingmaps: Mall Maps, Search on Map come to Bing for Mobile. http://t.co/oy03Iek #BingMaps
  43. MS Streets & Trips is going to the Madison, WI FMCA Convention!
  44. Bing Maps AJAX Control v7 July 2011 Update
  45. National Parks Trivia question #4 – win $50
  46. Using OnTimeZone data in Streets and Trips
  47. BingMapsDev: Get paid to add content to Bing Maps using Photosynth on your iPhone http://t.co/hUGYJFc
  48. National Parks Trivia question #3 – win $50
  49. bingmaps: Bing Maps interface updates and geolocation support* http://binged.it/pJZmFC
  50. Last Day to Answer National Parks Trivia Question #2
  51. BingMapsDev: New Modules released for the Bing Maps v7 control, driving, traffic, venues and more http://t.co/MnEqMDN thx @JohannesKebeck
  52. bingmaps: New Fetures for the #BingMaps AJAX Control v7 http://bit.ly/l7c4ae
  53. BingMapsDev: @warutledge mmm yes, you're going to want to check the 'Confidence' in the returned data http://t.co/pVzbLb9
  54. BingMapsDev: @warutledge Filter with known entityType, manual review starting with low confidence. Also good if you know the general bounds to check
  55. BingMapsDev: @warutledge does it seriously return Volcano?
  56. BingMapsDev: @warutledge Yes entity types, seen the full list here? http://t.co/Y0WQrCO
  57. bingmaps: Only a week until the #EsriUC in San Diego. #BingMaps will be there as well with 2 presentations on 07/13. I? (cont) http://deck.ly/~UnLyY
  58. National Parks Trivia question #2 ? win $50
  59. BingMapsDev: Comprehensive behind the scenes article on the Silverlight / Bing Maps powered ordnancesurvey getamap site http://t.co/9ry95b4 tx @mark_mann
  60. BingMapsDev: Great series of articles from MVP @AlastairA for Bing Maps devs, GDAL, OSM vectors, AJAX V7 and more http://t.co/d7vJUVz
  61. BingMapsDev: Own an iPhone or iPad2? Create an awesome Photosynth for a location on Bing Maps and win an xbox http://t.co/woSiONQ
  62. BingMapsDev: @andrewjb44 Nothing specific, dedicate UK user group, occasional live meetings, let me know if you're interested.
  63. bingmaps: #BingMaps App for the Tour de France 2011 http://binged.it/miTihb
  64. bingmaps: RT @bing: Bing Maps Unveils Exclusive High Res Imagery w/ Global Ortho Project. More on our blog: http://binged.it/lJ1I1p /cc @bingmaps ^bb
  65. Cruisin? the National Parks sweepstakes has begun!
  66. bingmaps: As promised, Shoothill?s Migration Wizard helps devs rapidly deploy #BingMaps store locator web pages. Get started: http://t.co/z4ZsH30
  67. bingmaps: Powerful new tool highlights international stories of technology and people. Inspiring stories, vivid maps. More info: http://t.co/iSV3XF3
  68. National Park Trivia Contest ? practice question
  69. Streets & Trips is Cruisin' the National Parks!
  70. bingmaps: New #Bingmaps app: Heat Map Creator produces #heat maps for impressive presentations or reports. Check it out: http://binged.it/mkqQdM
  71. bingmaps: RT @katerussell: as promised, #btween3D interview with @blaiseaguera from @bing is now live http://bit.ly/jmGg5q - this man really is au ...
  72. POI Megafile: State and County Fairgrounds Collection
  73. POI Megafile: National Parks Collection
  74. POI Megafile: NASCAR Track Collection
  75. Keep the Tank Full ? Gas Prices Continue to Rise
  76. Streets & Trips Seminar April 23rd in Edmonds, WA
  77. POI Megafile: RV Unfriendly
  78. POI Megafile: Improved Cracker Barrel collection
  79. POI Megafile: Truck Stop Guide for ST
  80. POI Megafile : Casino Collection
  81. 3 New MapPoint Promo Videos
  82. bingmaps: Brand new app: DataMarket Mapper allows for quick and easy map-based visualization of DataMarket data. Read more: http://binged.it/lmykWY
  83. bingmaps: The #BingMaps UK user group meets on the 16th of June in London. Topics revolve around development for mobile devices http://bit.ly/iOzltw
  84. bingmaps: Loading GeoRSS-Feeds with Dynamic Modules in the #BingMaps AJAX Control v7 http://binged.it/lFSoi1
  85. bingmaps: Free mapping tool links Dynamics CRM 2011 and #BingMaps. Map leads, accounts, and contacts inside CRM. Read more: http://bit.ly/kLOyYq
  86. bingmaps: The latest in real estate map search tools. Impressive use of #Silverlight and AJAX 7.0. Check it out: http://binged.it/lOMSgi
  87. Update to Bing Maps AJAX Control v7
  88. Bing Maps iOS SDK for iPhone and iPad
  89. bingmaps: #BingMaps webcast on store locator templates, rapid migration help, and innovative apps. Wed, May 18. More info: http://bit.ly/meopES
  90. bingmaps: Interactive SDK for AJAX 7.0 just launched. Check out this important new #BingMaps dev resource: http://bit.ly/iQTDRd
  91. bingmaps: @Cyruss1989 Please visit this site to report the error. Thanks for the assistance! http://bit.ly/mM9uEU
  92. bingmaps: @Cyruss1989 What kind of errors?
  93. bingmaps: New SDK! #BingMaps iOS Control. Full-featured control for embedding Bing Maps into iPhone and iPad apps. Check it out: http://bit.ly/m9pGyy
  94. bingmaps: UK TechDays 2011. On the 26th of May there will be a session on #BingMaps as well http://bit.ly/eGDoFO
  95. bingmaps: Workshop on Location Intelligence and Data Visualization with #BingMaps , #SQLAzure & SQL Server in Munich on 10/05 http://bit.ly/f7jLNo
  96. bingmaps: GIS-väst celebrates its 20th anniversary in Gothenburg and #BingMaps has the honour to be there as well http://bit.ly/eXEiWB
  97. bingmaps: Workshop on Location Intelligence and Data Visualization with #BingMaps , #SQLAzure & SQL Server in Cologne on 09/05 http://bit.ly/h2GQoW
  98. bingmaps: Moving from Bing Maps Token Service to Bing Maps Keys (App ID): http://bit.ly/hauEtq
  99. bingmaps: @katerussell Photosynth isn?t currently available on Android, but we will keep you informed as to any further developments.
  100. bingmaps: Sound Transit: Riding the Bing Maps Wave: http://binged.it/hq9nF5 @SoundTransit
  101. bingmaps: @PhilJ Hi, Please email melissp@microsoft.com to work on interview. Melissa is your best contact. Thanks.
  102. bingmaps: Announcing Read / Write World: http://binged.it/g6yG5z
  103. bingmaps: Are you at Where2.0? Interview in-person or phone? Best day?
  104. bingmaps: @PhilJ @servicesmobiles Hi Phil, when is your best day/time for an interview?
  105. bingmaps: Check out #BingMaps new dev website - videos, sample code, tips/tricks: http://bit.ly/dXEsjY
  106. bingmaps: @katerussell Hi Kate. Please see the bottom of this blog post for smartphone availability: http://binged.it/ewsDSw. Many thanks.
  107. bingmaps: Here at #where20 conference. Be sure to check out Blaise's keynote on Wed, 11:45am: http://t.co/JvjZEHJ
  108. bingmaps: Read our Developer Tip of the Week on the blog - ?Using Bing Maps with SQL Server spatial?: http://bit.ly/gJdXTi #bingmaps
  109. bingmaps: Bing Maps open-source SDK for Android launched by InKnowledge. Check the blog for more info or to download: http://bit.ly/fWQdJi #bingmaps
  110. bingmaps: RT @InfusionTweets: We?ve launched our new #BingMaps solutions website! Let us know what you think: http://ow.ly/4pG8B
  111. bingmaps: @GigaView360: You?re welcome! Thanks for sharing another impressive gigapan- it?s great to see what can be done with our technology...
  112. bingmaps: RT @earthware: 5 ways to make your web mapping fly http://bit.ly/eoDXe9
  113. bingmaps: Virtually visit cities with Bing Maps Street Slide- navigate between 360 degree panorama ?bubbles?: http://bit.ly/hymjGK (via @CEDRICtus)
  114. bingmaps: Share your gigapan 360 photos on Bing Maps and explore impressive landscapes. Check out this one from @GigaView360: http://bit.ly/ed32HL
  115. bingmaps: Some of the US's largest malls mapped on Bing Maps Mall Maps. http://bit.ly/gnknYz Find your mall at www.bing.com/maps
  116. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: New blog post: Dynamic Tile-Layers with Windows Azure and SQL Azure http://bit.ly/gE2DG2 #BingMaps #SQLAzure #Windo ...
  117. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: Awesome application to animate earthquakes http://bit.ly/dUQ2wA build by #Earthware using #BingMaps read more here h ...
  118. bingmaps: Road-Status after the Earthquake in Japan http://bit.ly/hdWbr5
  119. bingmaps: New imagery of the east coast of Japan live on Bing Maps: http://bit.ly/hJFIOU
  120. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: #InKnowledge released a #BingMaps Android SDK to CodePlex http://bingmapsandroidsdk.codeplex.com/ Great stuff Ricky
  121. bingmaps: New Bing Map App "Earthquakes in Last 7 Days" shows degree of activity off coast of Japan http://bit.ly/gGQ6Un
  122. Bing Maps AJAX Control v7 Update
  123. bingmaps: Bing Maps for Enterprise introduction and workshop in London on Tuesday, 10 a.m. Last chance to register! http://tinyurl.com/4eqpyfv
  124. bingmaps: Following your favorite celeb just got more fun with Zimbio and Bing Maps. http://bit.ly/i4U6rk Click on the Bing logo to search on Bing!
  125. bingmaps: Bloomberg + Bing: "I think we?ve built the fastest mapping application..that is currently available in the marketplace" http://bit.ly/ePYpta
  126. bingmaps: Get the new Bing bar: http://www.bing.com/community/site_blogs/b/search/archive/2011/02/17/new-bing-bar-available-for-download-today.aspx
  127. bingmaps: @hugoleijtens hi. wish we could help out quickly, but it takes some time to update imagery and maps.
  128. bingmaps: RT @PANJANAS: The @bingmaps Bird?s Eye View feature lets you see it all from above, like Safeco Field! http://binged.it/doothH
  129. bingmaps: RT @harrygold: Been using @GoogleMaps years. Maps platform very slow today, bad UX. Tried @BingMaps just now. MUCH faster. Better UX. th ...
  130. bingmaps: Liked the Jay-Z Decode campaign? And/or just interested in know how it was made using custom Bing Maps' APIs? http://binged.it/dF3rpx
  131. bingmaps: @bigogle Can't give specifics, I apologize, but it won't be too much longer.
  132. bingmaps: @natelawrence Got a small one for you today Nate.
  133. bingmaps: @GigaView360 Thx for the shoutout on Photosynth!
  134. bingmaps: Imagery update for Cowboys stadium to honor Super Bowl XLV (new BE and Aerial coverage) - http://binged.it/ePuD6g
  135. bingmaps: MSN AU uses BM's user collections to track the Queensland floods. Online maps give dynamic visual context for events - http://bit.ly/fkhLZc
  136. bingmaps: New Code Sample & Map App: Washington Real-time Transit - add real time transit data to Bing Maps. http://bit.ly/hD1TQf
  137. BingMapsDev: Been noticing the changes to the new Bing Maps road style? Great detailed post http://bit.ly/gVza7H
  138. BingMapsDev: Bing's nifty mobile panorama capture tool http://bit.ly/fFKr6h thx @natelawrence
  139. bingmaps: Bing Maps on Mobile gets real-time transit information for SEA, SF, & BOS - first search engine to offer this... http://binged.it/eqI0Qp
  140. bingmaps: Bing Maps/Local launches Interior Views, OpenTable, and new Mobile feaures! http://binged.it/eqI0Qp #SearchSummit
  141. bingmaps: Bing Maps updates ?new? map style to V1.1 ? improves city density, street differentiation, & more. http://binged.it/gOahY0 #SearchSummit
  142. bingmaps: Today is Bing's #SearchSummit , very exciting day. Check back throughout the day, multiple announcements from Bing & Bing Maps to share.
  143. bingmaps: @LBS_Market Mall map data in general is public information - anyone can go to the malls and get it. but the maps are in-house.
  144. bingmaps: @dionliddell sweet! Re: the Turangi coordinates.
  145. bingmaps: @SEOsudo Christiana Mall grosses that much? It's not in the top 20 malls by Sq. Ft is it?
  146. bingmaps: @narpole Hey Patrick. brianhen@microsoft.com
  147. bingmaps: @thelostagency I can't give specifics, but it won't be too long. It's a priority.
  148. bingmaps: Try Bing's "Destination Maps" map app to build custom mini-maps for holiday or New Year's parties. Happy Holidays! http://bit.ly/gHy62k
  149. bingmaps: @jamescadd All fixed.
  150. bingmaps: Introducing Bing's new mall maps: Get in, get out, and avoid the holiday shopping crowds. Learn more at http://bit.ly/fBhL28 ^BH
  151. bingmaps: @KevinHejduk Hi Kevin. http://www.bing.com/maps/explore - did you try the new Bing Maps in IE9 btw?
  152. bingmaps: Bing Maps is increasing its engagement and commitment to OpenStreetMap and other open maps & data communities - http://bit.ly/f39Ott
  153. bingmaps: @natelawrence I noticed that a few minutes ago as well. It seems to be back up. Hoping to get a lot of traffic today, http://bit.ly/f39Ott
  154. bingmaps: @haakon_d @stevec @openstreetmap thanks! very excited to have Steve join us and make progress with the open maps movement
  155. bingmaps: @Henry2007 Thanks Henry!
  156. bingmaps: @kennethcraig Hi Kenneth, I recommend checking out http://bit.ly/9mlmAC
  157. bingmaps: @KevinHejduk Hi Kevin. Just curious, what zooming capabilities are you referring to that were removed?
  158. bingmaps: @natelawrence Hey Nate...it should be there. I'll look into it, thanks for pointing it out. ^bh
  159. Bing Maps Ajax Control v7 – Hello World Sample
  160. Bing Maps Ajax Control v7 Released!
  161. bingmaps: Introducing the new Bing Maps - unifying the accessibility of HTML w/ the richness of Silverlight. http://bit.ly/bN7Rk3 & www.bing.com/maps
  162. bingmaps: @natelawrence I wish we did too Nate. Working on it.
  163. bingmaps: Announcing the new Bing Maps AJAX v7 control, w/ better performance, optimized for mobile, and enhanced Bird's-eye: http://bit.ly/cghM0D
  164. bingmaps: RT @bing: Play ?Decode Jay-Z by Bing? for a chance to win a lifetime pass to see @JayZ live anywhere in the world! http://binged.it/bxtIy0
  165. bingmaps: @natelawrence Thanks Nate. ^BH
  166. bingmaps: @vebah Hmm, I want to look into this, I'm originally from Potomac and took the Red line to CP all the time! ^BH
  167. bingmaps: Bing Maps' tab on Bing's Facebook page gets overhauled. Learn more at http://bit.ly/baHyRn and check it out at http://on.fb.me/9uMd6E
  168. bingmaps: @andrewwillmott Hi. If you click the email icon on the lower left of Bing Maps, it will generate a URL for you to share.
  169. bingmaps: RT @joseeight: Next time you plan on invading a country, make sure you use @BingMaps and not Google, otherwise this might happen: http:/ ...
  170. bingmaps: @ClubhouseGal Hi - Please email sfeed@microsoft.com - thanks!
  171. bingmaps: @JasonMore no way to increase contrast on roads. sorry. but, stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for some news that might make you happy
  172. bingmaps: Important updates to Bird's eye view and 3D Maps. Announcing expanded Bird's eye & the end-of-life for 3D Maps.http://bit.ly/aZ6Tu1
  173. bingmaps: @zafeuer no, that's a great idea though. I'll pass it along to the developer, maybe we'll get that in for v2.
  174. Bing Maps at PDC10 this week!
  175. bingmaps: Bing Maps now has route optimization - optimize 100 destinations.. Learn more at the blog - http://bit.ly/a1XaYb
  176. bingmaps: @joseeight Jose, I never received an email from you. Did you send to brianhen@microsoft.com?
  177. bingmaps: @joseeight let's talk about it offline, please send me an email at brianhen-at-microsoft.com
  178. bingmaps: @joseeight Hi, what's the problem?
  179. bingmaps: Bing Maps Now a Component on UNCHR.org to Help Protect and Empower Refugees. Learn more at http://bit.ly/cb909
  180. bingmaps: Decide, Decode and Win: Explore the Life and Times of Jay-Z with Bing http://bit.ly/90x14h #BingMaps
  181. bingmaps: Chris P. talks about Bing Maps Silverlight conntrol for Windows Phone 7. Listen to his talk - http://bit.ly/cnq7le ^BH
  182. bingmaps: RT @bing: We?ve worked closely w/ @Facebook to bring a more social experience to Bing. More details http://binged.it/c0ih10
  183. bingmaps: Learn about the architecture behind the Education Map App on the #BingMaps blog - http://bit.ly/9ctxzd
  184. BingMapsDev: Using JQuery with the Bing Maps REST API from @earthware http://bit.ly/cfr15p
  185. bingmaps: Enabling the New Style in the Bing Maps AJAX Control http://bit.ly/bi3Nn9 #BingMaps
  186. BingMapsDev: RT @bing: #BingMaps launches TweetHeat, our latest MapApp. Try it out here http://bit.ly/ciLTjQ and read about it http://bit.ly/a1XTFX ^km
  187. bingmaps: RT @bing: #BingMaps launches TweetHeat, our latest MapApp. Try it out here http://bit.ly/ciLTjQ and read about it http://bit.ly/a1XTFX ^km
  188. bingmaps: RT @bing: We launch Bing Teach Here map app http://bit.ly/9IHPZP w/ the launch of www.teach.gov (@barackobama dept of education team ins ...
  189. bingmaps: Dev news: Bing Maps Goes Mobile, FREE - as the default Map Control in the new Windows Phone 7 SDK. http://www.microsoft.com/maps/
  190. bingmaps: Bing Maps & IE9 (Beta) - issue in AJAX control v6.2 + workaround http://bit.ly/doNgVr #BingMaps
  191. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Maps101s Bing Explorer awarded ?Gold? in the International Map Trade Association industry awards: http://bit.ly/czPhuN.
  192. bingmaps: MSN Launches the Interactive Guide to the Battle of Britain http://bit.ly/91NlsQ #BingMaps
  193. bingmaps: Meet the Bing Maps UK team at the AGI GeoCommunity '10 http://bit.ly/ca0C3p #BingMaps ^JK
  194. bingmaps: Mando Group's beautiful implementation of the Bing Maps Silverlight Control in a Dashboard http://bit.ly/cIjzJe #BingMaps
  195. bingmaps: Sweet: Bing Maps Plugin in the Seesmic Desktop 2 to visualize Twitter and Foursquare locations http://bit.ly/dqZMTQ #BingMaps
  196. bingmaps: Bing Maps (Silverlight) for WordPress ? Take 2 http://bit.ly/9eil97 #bingmaps ^JK
  197. BingMapsDev: Introduction to the new Bulk Geocoding Bing Maps service from @johanneskebeck http://bit.ly/9jEPmN
  198. bingmaps: Batch Geocoding and Batch Reverse-Geocoding with Bing Maps http://bit.ly/bPxJaz #BingMaps ^JK
  199. Batch Geocoding and Batch Reverse-Geocoding with Bing Maps
  200. bingmaps: Ooooh, Bing on Android. You're no longer locked into Google. This my new team! http://bit.ly/b4zlXf. ^CP