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  1. Virtual Earth Developer Webcast Posted
  2. Virtual Earth based Address Locator for City of San Mateo
  3. Virtual Earth in EPA EnviroFacts
  4. Virtual Earth Visualization of Southern California Fires
  5. Virtual Earth Powered ITU Global View
  6. Custom List: Video Contest
  7. Geo-diversity of the Top Software Companies
  8. Create a Virtual Earth Video for a Chance at a new Zune
  9. Monitor Power Outages with Virtual Earth
  10. Starbucks.com Powered by Virtual Earth...v6 no less!
  11. Starbucks Migrates to Virtual Earth 6.0 Maps
  12. Virtual Earth & Vexcel Last Stop: Reston
  13. GCN Article on Microsoft Joining OGC
  14. New Virtual Earth Case Study - Coldwell Banker
  15. Virtual Earth - Authenticate and Track Usage
  16. shp2kml From Zonum. Mini-review
  17. Mashing KML and GeoRSS in 3D on the Web
  18. Mapping Your Family Tree
  19. Mashing Facebook, Milwaukee in 3D, and the Thurston Moore Tour Collection
  20. Why GeoRSS is effective in sharing timely Location Based Information
  21. Drive for show, Putt for Dough - 10 Reasons to Love the New Live Search Maps
  22. ArcGIS with Virtual Earth Embedded
  23. Virtual Earth News from GEOINT 2007: Virtual Earth Appliance
  24. Virtual Earth Web Casts
  25. OGC - We're Back!
  26. Virtual Earth for SharePoint
  27. Virtual Earth Certification
  28. Tooling Around Niagara Falls with Space Navigator
  29. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Adds Microsoft as Principal Member
  30. Virtual Earth News from GEOINT: Microsoft Announces Joins OGC
  31. Talk to Your Map - Client Side Voice Input Comes to Live Search Mobile!
  32. Virtual Earth On10
  33. Malibu Fire in Birds Eye
  34. Virtual Earth Exhibiting at GEOINT 2007
  35. Virtual Earth Workshop at the Rocket City Geospatial Conference
  36. Mapping N-E-W-S. Get started with 3DVIA Modeling
  37. GeoWeb Exploration - Mining Information from Collections and KML
  38. Virtual Earth Version 6 - Now Available
  39. Virtual Earth Update: New Live Search Maps Update
  40. Wonders of the World on Virtual Earth
  41. GeoFeeder: Convert Your Vector Data to GeoRSS and Import into Virtual Earth
  42. Virtual Earth Roadshow Day One : Denver
  43. Virtual Earth: Recent Imagery Updates
  44. Sacramento first stop for Virtual Earth Roadshow
  45. See Virtual Earth October Events
  46. Microsoft Virtual Earth and EPA Agreement Highlighted on Bloomberg TV
  47. Virtual Earth Adopted by US Environmental Protection Agency
  48. Virtual Earth & Toucan Navigate Webcast
  49. Virtual Earth Roadshow Coming to Denver, Sacramento and Reston
  50. Gaia-3 with Microsoft Virtual Earth Supports NSDI Cooperative Agreement Program
  51. Virtual Earth Recent Updates
  52. Tracking Using Virtual Earth
  53. Virtual Earth Based Demographic Visualization Demo
  54. Oakland Crimespotting in Virtual Earth
  55. Mobile Tactical Collaboration System(TM) for Emergency First Response and Alert Notif
  56. Virtual Earth and MapDotNet Server: Quick and Easy Mapping Applications
  57. Virtual Earth Imagery Updates
  58. Virtual Earth for Campus Security in Virginia
  59. Photo Album: VE 3D Cities
  60. Photo Album: Partner Apps
  61. Photo Album: VE Bird's Eye Imagery
  62. Photo Album: 3D Landmarks & Terrain
  63. Custom List: VE Solutions
  64. Custom List: Other VE Blogs
  65. Book List: Virtual Earth Links
  66. Virtual Earth Map Control v6 Released
  67. Microsoft Re-joins the Open Geospaitial Consortium
  68. Live Search Maps v2 is out! Gemini Launches.
  69. Gemini is Live!!!
  70. October Data and Imagery Drop
  71. MapCruncher Beta for Virtual Earth
  72. New Live Search Maps Features Coming
  73. Sharepoint Integration with Virtual Earth
  74. Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Madrid now in Birds Eye View
  75. GIS Dev Blog and Tech Ed Europe
  76. Missing Images
  77. Congratulations Kansas City Roller Warriors!
  78. California Employs Virtual Earth to Power SchoolFinder
  79. MSN Mexico, Motorola & Virtual Earth
  80. Virtual Earth at the TechEd Developers in Barcelona 05-09 of November 2007
  81. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 7)
  82. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 6)
  83. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 5)
  84. Where's the new Live Search Maps?
  85. Locking a Virtual Earth Map
  86. Public Sector Virtual Earth Road Show
  87. FedEx Launches Enterprise Mashup to locate dropoff Locations
  88. Navy Bombers attacking Swastika Building
  89. VE Roadshow coming to Reston, Sacramento and Denver
  90. Paris, France is live in Virtual Earth!
  91. Toulouse en 3D dans Virtual Earth !
  92. Ortho-photos de Paris live dans Virtual Earth !!!
  93. New Drawing Tool for Virtual Earth v5
  94. Récapitulatif des données images dispos dans Virtual Earth en France * fin mai 200
  95. 3 nouvelles villes en Bird??s Eye (vues obliques) en France !
  96. Mise * jour des ortho photos (photos aériennes) dans Virtual Earth en France
  97. Photos aériennes dans Virtual Earth en France
  98. Liens vers des mashups et applications utilisant Virtual Earth
  99. Links to Virtual Earth mashups and applications
  100. Nouveaux API & SDK Virtual Earth (version 5.0)
  101. Nouvelle Présentation Virtual Earth
  102. New Virtual Earth Presentation
  103. Some technical information about VE and MWS
  104. Lancement des premières vues aériennes en France !
  105. Géo-Evénement 2007
  106. Présentations téléchargeables et infos suite séminaires Virtual Earth - Mars 2007
  107. Bird's Eye en France - Collection mise * jour
  108. Nouvelles vues obliques en France !
  109. Invitation Séminaire Clients Virtual Earth - 13 mars 2007 - Hôtel Lotti - Paris
  110. Invitation Séminaire Partenaires Virtual Earth - 12 mars 2007 - Hôtel Lotti - Paris
  111. Grande nouvelle : lancement des premières vues obliques en France !!!
  112. Bug Virtual Earth 3D pour les utilisateurs internationaux
  113. Virtual Earth 3 Installation Bug Fixed for International Users
  114. Virtual Earth 3D, on en parle aussi...
  115. FedEx Integrates Virtual Earth
  116. New Imagery and 3D Models
  117. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 4)
  118. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 3)
  119. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 2)
  120. Virtual Earth Japanese SDK launched at Remix Tokyo
  121. New 3D cities in Virtual Earth. Chicago looks great!
  122. Layer switching in Virtual Earth Apps
  123. "80% of Enterprise data has a geo component". Says Who?
  124. Hey Feely! You'll always be number two.
  125. New Virtual Earth blog for developers
  126. Come see me @ MIX
  127. Rooftop Geocoding Now Available!
  128. Illustrating Signal Strength on Virtual Earth
  129. Virtual Earth Version 3 & 4 Map Controls Compressed
  130. Evidence of Virtual Earth's Power in the Enterprise
  131. Sweet Home San Diego - You're in 3D!
  132. MWS 5.2 is now Live!
  133. InfoNow parts ways with MapQuest for Microsoft
  134. Farallon Geographics Builds Web Based GIS Redevelopment Project Tracking Portal for B
  135. Plan out your Trips with TripHub.com and Virtual Earth
  136. Going to ETech 2007?
  137. SuperPages.com - Maps Powered by Virtual Earth
  138. Aesthetically Pleasing Uses of Virtual Earth
  139. ConocoPhilips Finds Gas Stations with Virtual Earth
  140. Microsoft Hosting Summit 2007
  141. More nifty interface candy from Stamen
  142. DIY Burning Man Skyview mashed into Virtual Earth
  143. Environmental Protection Agency chooses Virtual Earth Platform
  144. New feature in Live Maps needs your help
  145. Virtual Earth German Expansion
  146. Real-time image processing on map tiles
  147. Only 1 in 5 Program Managers can place the Capital of North Korea
  148. Recent publish of ortho imagery
  149. The state of geography education
  150. Virtual Earth 3D News - New Cities, greater detail
  151. New European Birds Eye cities are live. Berlin, Athens, Gteborg and many more
  152. Back from Holiday
  153. Birds Eye view under the I-35W Bridge
  154. Herald Tribune on Web Map Making
  155. Simplifying Mobile Search at GearDigest
  156. Berlin Wall in HDView
  157. Encoding Silverlight Video with GPS coordinates
  158. Displaying Hill Shaded Tiles with the Virtual Earth API
  159. Map Humor for your Friday afternoon
  160. Photo Album: VE Team Photo from the the sky
  161. Photo Album: Blog Images
  162. Custom List: VE Links
  163. Custom List: Some fun Permalinks in Virtual Earth
  164. BRIGHTi GeoFeeder for converting Geodata to GeoRSS
  165. Installing MapPoint Location Server for Development and Testing
  166. Using Geofences in MapPoint Location Server Applications
  167. Using the SOAP Toolkit to Format SOAP Headers for MapPoint Web Service
  168. How to Develop a Location-Based Application on a Pocket PC Phone Edition by Using Mic
  169. Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP
  170. Using the MapPoint Web Service Color Palette for Custom Icons
  171. What's Changed in MapPoint Web Service 3.5
  172. Using New MapPoint Web Service Properties to Enhance Readability
  173. Serving and Modifying MapPoint Web Service Map Images
  174. Using the MapPoint Web Service FindByProperty Method for a Single-State Search
  175. Virtual Earth Overview
  176. Virtual Earth Mashups for Everyone
  177. Map of Birds Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC (Part 1)
  178. Map of Birds Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC (Part 2)
  179. Map of Birds Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC (Part 3)
  180. VE3D in Infobox of VEShape
  181. Map of Birds Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC (Part 4)
  182. Geocode your data directly from SQL Server 2005
  183. How to bring your own content to Virtual Earth (Part 1)
  184. Bird's Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC as of 13/08/2007
  185. MSR HD View & Virtual Earth
  186. Marriott Integrates Virtual Earth to Find Hotels
  187. Virtual Earth Version 5 SDK in Japanese
  188. Weather Central and Virtual Earth
  189. How To: Skipping Zoom Levels in Virtual Earth
  190. Additional Virtual Earth Blog
  191. InmanTV Interview
  192. Disabling Pushpin Rollover Popups
  193. The WhereAmI Project
  194. Additional August 2007 Imagery
  195. Microsoft vs. Google vs. Yahoo! vs MapQuest...A Customer's Perspective
  196. Virtual Earth Imagery Update - August 2007
  197. Live Search Mobile - Shipped
  198. Virtual Earth @ WPC
  199. Virtual Earth Survey
  200. Environmental Protection Agency & Virtual Earth