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  1. bingmaps: @a_schultz Nice! You won the BingMaps contest! DM your address and we'll mail your t-shirt. 2 days left for others http://bit.ly/adOWAO
  2. bingmaps: @manishmahuja Nice! You won the BingMaps contest! DM your address and we'll mail your t-shirt. http://bit.ly/adOWAO
  3. bingmaps: @JudeCper Nice!You won the BingMaps contest! DM your address and we'll mail your t-shirt. 2 days left for everyone else http://bit.ly/adOWAO
  4. Bing Maps at MIX10 Day 2!
  5. bingmaps: We're so excited to be at Mix that we're giving away 10 t-shirts a day! RT this and follow us to enter. http://bit.ly/adOWAO
  6. bingmaps: RT @bing: At #mix10 Tomorrow (3/16) Free Drinks w/ Bing 6-8pm at Eastside Lounge http://cot.ag/9TMIGL RSVP:http://bit.ly/c6jYqp ^ba
  7. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Come to Mix's ask the experts. The Bing Maps team is here with free drinks. http://tweetphoto.com/14552429
  8. Learn about Bing Maps at MIX10!
  9. bingmaps: We're so excited to be at Mix that we're giving away 10 t-shirts a day! RT this and follow us to enter http://bit.ly/adOWAO
  10. Learn about Bing Maps at MIX10!
  11. bingmaps: Great video of Estradas de Portugal's use of #BingMaps for highways and traffic portal http://bit.ly/9O2HkA
  12. bingmaps: 4 easy steps to embed #BingMaps Twitter maps on your website http://bit.ly/9d0jEX
  13. bingmaps: @USAToday talks to @ChrisPendleton about #BingMaps http://bit.ly/cdzZqJ
  14. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: After much ado, the Bing Twitter Maps EMBED feature is LIVE (for real, this time!): http://bit.ly/cUslPQ. @BingMaps
  15. Embed Bing Maps Twitter Maps On Your Site
  16. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/ygmlayc - Spatial Data Management and Data Visualization with SQL Server 2008 & Bi ...
  17. bingmaps: At #wherecampeu today? Look out for @johanneskebeck and @mrtea72 from the #BingMaps team
  18. Spatial Data Management and Data Visualization with SQL Server 2008 & Bing Maps
  19. bingmaps: Join the UK #BingMaps team for the finance and insurance sector webcast tomorrow http://bit.ly/chMYcb
  20. Bing Maps at MIX10!
  21. Bing Maps at MIX10!
  22. bingmaps: Want live Twitter and Maps on your website, use the new widget from Bing Maps: http://bit.ly/9KkFSa
  23. BingMapsDev: @jont87 For Silverlight I would start here: http://is.gd/a4BAq and then look at the Bing Maps iSDK: http://is.gd/a4C4y
  24. bingmaps: Channel 5's Gadget Show are impressed by #BingMaps Birds Eye (forward to 24 mins) http://bit.ly/9Cn6sY
  25. bingmaps: #BingMaps SXSW Panel Announced http://bit.ly/9GWSeT
  26. bingmaps: Bing Maps retail and supply chain webcast starts in 10 minutes. Register here: http://bit.ly/dsNNJD
  27. Bing Maps SXSW Panel Announced
  28. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Bing Maps adds 6.7 MILLION sq. km. of new imagery: http://bit.ly/bCcyCw. @BingMaps #Russia #Sweden #Mexico #Australia
  29. bingmaps: @markti Great glad you like it!
  30. bingmaps: #BingMaps UK team present Mapping Technology for the Communications sector http://cot.ag/979oFy
  31. bingmaps: Johannes Kebeck blogs on Daimler AG and the Smart Web Portal in the Cloud http://bit.ly/a8uvsR #BingMaps
  32. BingMapsDev: Have you joined the Bing Maps UK user group yet? http://bingmapsuk.ning.com/
  33. The latest Bing Maps Imagery Update…
  34. Smart Web Portal in the Cloud
  35. Bing Maps Imagery Release, February 2010 (Part 2)
  36. bingmaps: Steve Ballmer on cloud computing and Blaise Aguera y Arcas demo'ing Bing Maps at the U of W this morning: http://bit.ly/9LoLoV
  37. bingmaps: Reliving the visit of the Duke of Cornwall to Vancouver in 1901 in Bing Maps http://bit.ly/d0UC6F
  38. bingmaps: #BingMaps are at #Cebit. Come see us on the #Microsoft stand in hall 4, in the Cloud Computing area.
  39. BingMapsDev: @NicolasBoonaert This is the only official set: http://is.gd/9FpEq but this site has free commercial use icons: http://is.gd/9Fq9o
  40. BingMapsDev: RT @longzheng: Microsoft chooses Navizon as geolocation service provider, very interesting. http://bit.ly/d76S2g The geolocation wars ar ...
  41. BingMapsDev: @CarolineLawrenc that's no good! If you want to explore just the imagery then try this free app (Seadragon): http://is.gd/9yBAk
  42. bingmaps: Check out how the @dallagliocycle team are doing in their @Sportrelief2010 cycle on a #BingMap http://bit.ly/9CE1w5
  43. BingMapsDev: Awesome 2 part series on the full setup to host and integrate OpenStreetMap with Bing Maps: http://is.gd/9u1Yf http://is.gd/9u20T
  44. BingMapsDev: @CarolineLawrenc There is, it is called Bing : http://is.gd/9tZ0i
  45. Integrating OpenStreetMap in Bing Maps (Part 2)
  46. Integrating OpenStreetMap in Bing Maps (Part 1)
  47. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Bing Maps Platform Exam and Training: http://bit.ly/c8bF09. @BingMaps
  48. Bing Maps Platform Exam & Training
  49. bingmaps: Great use of #BingMaps for tracking the @sportrelief2010 celebrity cycle http://bit.ly/aCyltP
  50. bingmaps: #BingMaps public sector event in Paris 25/03/10 details here: http://twitpic.com/15edl8 and register here: contact@parisprive.com
  51. bingmaps: Another webcast from the #BingMaps UK team, mapping for emergency services on March 10th http://bit.ly/cpe8mr
  52. bingmaps: IFS launch new planning solution 'Virtual Map' integrated with #BingMaps http://bit.ly/cMyidC
  53. bingmaps: Interested in mapping solutions for retail & supply chain? Join our UK focused #BingMaps webcast http://bit.ly/dsNNJD
  54. bingmaps: Go Offline with the #BingMaps Server (Webcast) http://bit.ly/a6jsIL
  55. Go Offline with the Bing Maps Server (Web Cast)
  56. bingmaps: Bing driving more Olympics on new NBC site http://www.nbcolympics.com/destination-bc/venues/index.html & on mobile http://m.nbcolympics.com
  57. bingmaps: #BingMaps UK focused webcast, 8th March 10am. Mapping Technology for Travel and Hospitality http://bit.ly/cHX5RB
  58. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Windows Phone 7 Series and Bing Maps: http://bit.ly/df50qf. @BingMaps #WP7S
  59. bingmaps: New @rac_breakdown widget launched using #BingMaps http://bit.ly/bWVrKh
  60. Windows Phone and Bing Maps
  61. Web Application Toolkit Features Bing Maps
  62. bingmaps: The next UK #BingMaps User Group will take place on April 14th http://bit.ly/ab91yV & and it will be live streamed.
  63. bingmaps: #BingMaps sponsoring WhereCampEU, @JohannesKebeck will be there. Get on the free ticket waiting list http://bit.ly/atDB2z
  64. bingmaps: @jsenior Announcing: Three new Web App Toolkits! Calendars, Bing Maps, Freemium Apps! http://ow.ly/18JuK
  65. bingmaps: German #BingMaps platform webcast - Introduction & overview for partners. 24th Feb http://bit.ly/9C6Dew
  66. bingmaps: Video of @ChrisPendleton present 'Developing Applications with Bing Maps' at TechDays France (in English) http://bit.ly/bKU4f9
  67. bingmaps: @murpheux for #BingMaps white papers take a look at www.microsoft.com/maps and then check out the relevant industry pages
  68. bingmaps: King 5 (NBC) Seattle brings news to life with #BingMaps birds eye imagery http://bit.ly/a3FDnk
  69. Using Bird’s Eye on Broadcast
  70. bingmaps: RT @L_Diaz: NAVTEQ LBS Challenge Winners for EMEA announced! http://bit.ly/a66Wdr @NN4D @NAVTEQ
  71. bingmaps: Video of Blaise Aguera y Arcas from #Microsoft demoing augmented-reality maps http://bit.ly/c4a55C #bingmaps
  72. BingMapsDev: Watch / Download Blaise's recent TED talk on Bing Maps (Augmented video, Street Side and WWT) http://bit.ly/av5SpI
  73. bingmaps: RT @ChrisPendleton: Bing Maps adds 1 million+ sq km of new aerial imagery in Feb 2010 update: http://bit.ly/cM97g5. #Romania #Portugal
  74. Bing Maps Imagery Release, February 2010
  75. bingmaps: Follow the success of the @dallagliocycle for Sport Relief on a BingMap http://bit.ly/9CE1w5
  76. bingmaps: Watch the video of #BingMaps Streetside photo app, bringing in photos from Flickr http://bit.ly/9kxou7
  77. New Bing Maps Application: Streetside Photos
  78. bingmaps: Blaise talks Spatial Search and Bing Maps at #TED read more here http://cot.ag/d6FtIe and try for yourself http://www.bing.com/maps/explore
  79. BingMapsDev: Want to know how to get your photos into Bing Maps streetside photos via flickr? @chrispendleton has all the info: http://bit.ly/buHp99
  80. BingMapsDev: Very cool, Blaise shows new integration of creative commons Flickr photos in Bing Maps Silverlight: http://bit.ly/aCgmRZ thx @harveys
  81. bingmaps: RT @Nirisav: MSN Launch a new Silverlight travel app for Thomas Cook - http://bit.ly/akfez9 - developed by Shoothill
  82. bingmaps: Miss @johanneskebeck present Bing Maps Silverlight Control at #SLUGUK last week? Video now online http://bit.ly/cLHNNT
  83. bingmaps: #BingMaps Feb newsletter featuring ESRI, Masternaut, Moneysupermarket.com, Caravan Club and MapMyClimate http://bit.ly/z5ZV5
  84. BingMapsDev: Want to help Bing Maps? Take this survey to tell Microsoft what is important for you: http://bit.ly/9KXm57
  85. bingmaps: UK Microsoft Government team webcast Feb 26th "Mapping Solutions with Bing Maps" http://bit.ly/98dYTW use invite code 419A56
  86. bingmaps: #BingMaps Platform survey - your chance to provide direct feedback to the Product Management team : http://bit.ly/ayT8fW
  87. Bing Maps Platform Survey – Your Input Needed
  88. New Bing Maps Application: Winter Games
  89. bingmaps: @afleury Thanks for the tweet. Our support team is currently looking into this.
  90. New Bing Maps Book Helps Developers
  91. Bing Maps Powers The National Grid
  92. bingmaps: RT @BingMapsDev: Great new book in French on Bing Maps from @NicolasBoonaert http://bit.ly/ba72nc
  93. bingmaps: Visit #bingmaps explore site http://bit.ly/cjMOBf and hit map apps to get a different view of the Vancouver winter Olympics
  94. Another Big Imagery Release for Bing Maps
  95. BingMapsDev: @csharpzealot and the 2.3GB download begins ;)
  96. BingMapsDev: Great new book in French on Bing Maps from @NicolasBoonaert http://bit.ly/ba72nc
  97. bingmaps: MapDotNet's entry to Azure US State and Local Government Application Development Contest with Bing Maps: http://miami311.cloudapp.net/
  98. bingmaps: @chrispendleton on stage right now at TechDays in Paris. Presenting #BingMaps
  99. bingmaps: Interested in the rare trees of London? View them in this #BingMaps collection http://bit.ly/chOLp9
  100. bingmaps: Webcast 10th Feb: #BingMaps ? Getting Started for Developers. Presented by @johanneskebeck http://bit.ly/8XhzCC
  101. bingmaps: Vancouver applications feature #BingMaps, just in time for the winter Olympics http://bit.ly/b0FoRj
  102. Vancouver Applications Feature Bing Maps
  103. bingmaps: Texas Department of Transportation site allows visitors to locate information about airports: http://bit.ly/cur22v
  104. bingmaps: US Navy testing mobile command & control solution using Bing Maps & Windows Mobile phones. Case study: http://bit.ly/XEuF9
  105. bingmaps: Check out this cool video of US Navy (ONR) using Bing Maps for mobile command & control: http://bit.ly/3Jo2MX
  106. bingmaps: Arlington, Virginia is using Bing Maps to help drive economic development. Check it out: http://bit.ly/1JCqpi
  107. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/yc9fas6 - A Different Look at the Latest Imagery Updates using Microsoft Live Labs ...
  108. BingMapsDev: RT awesome @JohannesKebeck A Different Look at the Latest Imagery Updates using Microsoft Live Labs Pivot http://tinyurl.com/yc9fas6
  109. BingMapsDev: Also add Buffer to that list @greglow #silverlightspatial demo using WKB to render SQL2008 geography to/from Bing Maps http://bit.ly/9GRwbd
  110. bingmaps: @AvatarX you are very welcome, glad you like it!
  111. bingmaps: #BingMaps developer resources wish list - what would you ask for? Reply or join the conversation on Facebook http://bit.ly/akV9zU
  112. A Different Look at the Latest Imagery Updates using Microsoft Live Labs Pivot
  113. Bing Maps Imagery Release, January 2010 (Part 2)
  114. bingmaps: Bing Maps Imagery Release, January 2010 (Part 2): http://bit.ly/9o1CEf
  115. BingMapsDev: Bing Maps releases even more new imagery this month (> 1 million sq. km) including my city of Brisbane, Australia: http://bit.ly/bCcWxk
  116. bingmaps: #BingMaps event 'Getting started for Partners' 15th Feb, Milan http://bit.ly/aOoCjY
  117. bingmaps: RT @JohannesKebeck: New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/yjjdm4j - Creating Bing Maps Tile-Layers from SQL Server 2008 on the Fly
  118. bingmaps: RT @earthware: 2nd BingMapsUserGroup video online, "Integrating SQL Server 2008 and Bing Maps" http://bit.ly/a362xG #bingmaps #bingmapsuk
  119. bingmaps: RT @earthware: 1st BingMapsUserGroup video online, "adventures in mapping at the BBC" http://bit.ly/9SxKdR #bingmaps #bingmapsuk
  120. Creating Bing Maps Tile-Layers from SQL Server 2008 on the Fly
  121. bingmaps: @johanneskebeck presents 'Management & analysis of spatial data with SQL Server 2008', Germany, 23/03/10 http://bit.ly/aBIIOb
  122. bingmaps: Register for the #bingmaps enterprise events in Italy http://bit.ly/a4m2Uf & watch this space for the partner event information! #microsoft
  123. bingmaps: Great article by @bttradespace about how SME's can use online mapping for free http://bit.ly/9mPxVT #bingmaps
  124. bingmaps: Find out how Bing Maps helped to increase traffic to the Caravan Club's website by 30% http://bit.ly/6a1MUv
  125. bingmaps: Swedish webcast Feb 4th 'Visualize More with SharePoint'. Presented by partner Sweco, features #BingMaps integration http://bit.ly/75Yt8N
  126. Bing Maps Challenge, Win $100 Gift Card
  127. bingmaps: Want to learn more about #Silverlight & its partnership with #BingMaps? @JohannesKebeck will present at the #SLUGUK http://bit.ly/50Pgv1
  128. BingMapsDev: Performance problems (high cpu) have been fixed in the Silverlight runtime, good news for custom tile layers: http://bit.ly/7a47WD
  129. BingMapsDev: Ever wanted to add your own custom clouds to the VE3D control? NikolaiF has a sample for you: http://bit.ly/6XE4D6
  130. National Geographic Launches iPhone Atlas Using Bing Maps
  131. bingmaps: National Geographic Launches iPhone Atlas Using #BingMaps http://bit.ly/8E9KyA
  132. bingmaps: Going to @MSTechDays in Paris? @ChrisPendleton will be dropping in to present 'Developing Applications with #BingMaps' bit.ly/51QWMX
  133. New Bing Maps Application: Haiti Earthquake
  134. bingmaps: Use #BingMaps to navigate New York City for your chance to win $100 gift card! http://bit.ly/7f5Qrw
  135. bingmaps: Throwing a party? Burying treasure? Try out the new Destination Maps in the Map Apps Gallery at www.bing.com/maps/explore
  136. bingmaps: New #BingMaps Gallery Application: Local Events: http://bit.ly/732Q8d
  137. New Bing Maps Application: Local Events
  138. Bing Maps Beta, No More
  139. New Bing Maps Application: Destination Maps
  140. bingmaps: #BingMaps just released 558,000 sq km of new imagery including Germany?s Ruhrgebeit, Belgium, Luxembourg & Vancouver http://bit.ly/7Yazo7
  141. bingmaps: Kroger, the grocery retail chain behind brands such as Ralphs, Food 4 Less & Fred Meyer, using #BingMaps Platform. http://bit.ly/5p1tLZ
  142. Bing Maps Imagery Release, January 2010 (Part 1)
  143. Kroger Integrates Bing Maps
  144. bingmaps: Last chance to register for UK event 'Spatial databases & analysis techniques with SQL Server 2008' Jan 21st #bingmaps http://bit.ly/4MB3NI
  145. BingMapsDev: Bing Maps updates relivant imagery, new satellite of Haiti http://bit.ly/7QPiR7 and new streetside for Winter Olympics http://bit.ly/8OUZdk
  146. Bing Maps Publishes Haitian Post-Earthquake Imagery
  147. bingmaps: Updated Haiti imagery for relief operations at www.bing.com/maps and in the Bing Maps platform. Photosynth coverage@ http://bit.ly/4oxjzo
  148. New Streetside Coverage: Vancouver and Whistler
  149. bingmaps: Thanks to everyone who braved the snow for the first UK Bing Maps User Group yesterday, and those who joined virtually from far and wide
  150. bingmaps: Seeing the woods and the trees with Bing Maps in not-for-profit http://bit.ly/5GNgMj
  151. bingmaps: Latest #bingmaps newsletter now available. Featuring map apps, eHarmorny, Comic Relief and European Environment Agency http://bit.ly/z5ZV5
  152. bingmaps: RT @johanneskebeck The German TV station ARD just released a website for the Olympic Games featuring Bing Maps http://tinyurl.com/yz3nlx4
  153. Bing Maps Imagery Updates
  154. bingmaps: @Gilly2468 The events in Italy will be to demonstrate existing features of the B2B platform
  155. bingmaps: Save the dates. #BingMaps events in Milan on 16th Feb and Rome on 17th Feb. More news coming soon.
  156. bingmaps: @nadyne @bing @masto thanks for heads up. Bug issue has been filed and we expect a fix for it very soon.
  157. bingmaps: German #BingMaps "Introduction & Overview for Partners' webcast on 27th January http://bit.ly/8dfAGp
  158. bingmaps: Going to #NRF10 don't miss the #BingMaps session on Monday at 10.45am bit.ly/7sPCHU
  159. bingmaps: At #BETT2010 next week? Visit #Microsoft stand for a demo of #BingMaps & to learn about the free education terms of use http://bit.ly/84rbzC
  160. bingmaps: RT @chrispendleton Here's a different use of #BingMaps http://bit.ly/61cM7v @martinidesign Happy New Year to you!
  161. bingmaps: #Bingmaps imagery release December - find out more on the blog http://bit.ly/7zqvbW
  162. BingMapsDev: RT @earthware Can't make it in person to the Bing Maps User Group on Wed 13th Jan? Join in live online http://bit.ly/57TMMn #bingmapsuk
  163. BingMapsDev: InfoStrat.VE Release 2 is out, get some Windows 7 multitouch Bing Maps 3D action open source: http://bit.ly/4YTXsV
  164. Bing Maps Imagery Release, December 2009
  165. bingmaps: Still time to register for Microsoft mapping solutions event in South Africa on 7th Jan #bingmaps http://bit.ly/8nd3eB
  166. Bing Maps User Group (UK) – Join Now
  167. bingmaps: Only 9 days until the first Bing Map's UK User Group, taking place in London. Find out more http://bit.ly/6pefwb
  168. bingmaps: Want to learn more about the Bing Maps application gallery? Check out the Bing Maps blog http://bit.ly/5VgIus
  169. Tracking Santa with Bing Maps in 2009
  170. Sherlock Holmes: What is 221B?
  171. Bing Maps in Bing Toolbar and Accelerators
  172. Bing Maps Application Gallery Overview…New App!
  173. bingmaps: See what's making front page news in your home town with the #BingMaps news app http://bit.ly/8hiuip
  174. bingmaps: Bing Maps snow globes - happy holidays to all! GlobeOne: http://bit.ly/7Mzh8H and GlobeTwo: http://bit.ly/5E0lnO
  175. Bringing the Beauty (Bing Maps) and the Beast (SQL Server 2008) together
  176. bingmaps: eHarmony Locates Love with #BingMaps http://bit.ly/5HfJlv
  177. eHarmony Locates Love with Bing Maps
  178. Bing Maps UK User Group Founded
  179. BingMapsDev: Great article on integrating Bing's new streetside imagery in your Silverlight app: http://is.gd/5qAh3
  180. Bing Unveils iPhone Application with Maps
  181. bingmaps: A holiday message from the #BingMaps team http://bit.ly/53h0w7 @bing
  182. bingmaps: @wnabcreative Hi, last batch of t shirts have been sent out this week, let us know when you get it.
  183. bingmaps: RT @chrispendleton Download the Bing iPhone app from the app store...featuring #BingMaps
  184. BingMapsDev: RT @bing: Bing for mobile has come to the iPhone...check it out http://bit.ly/75vISw
  185. bingmaps: Check out this photosynth of a Spitfire created by the Duxford Imperial War Museum http://bit.ly/7VRChc @shoothill
  186. bingmaps: Bing Maps sponsored NAVTEQ LBS challenge extends India registration deadline to Dec 18th. @NN4D http://bit.ly/QEJGs
  187. Bing Maps, Windows Azure and Surface are VIPs in Copenhagen
  188. bingmaps: Historical London locations, for a virtual trip down memory lane #bingmaps http://bit.ly/6hnW4f
  189. bingmaps: RT @IncaX Uploaded new video Gecoasting with new #bingmaps Streetside view. http://bit.ly/5ZOUhZ
  190. bingmaps: New Bing Maps newsletter online: Features imagery release, European Environment Agency and Diabetes Australia http://bit.ly/z5ZV5
  191. Bing Maps Silverlight Control – Streetside(TM) and Enhanced Birdseye Beta Now Available!
  192. Bing Maps Silverlight Control – Streetside(TM) and Enhanced Birdseye Beta Now Available!
  193. BingMapsDev: Add the new streetside and enhanced birdseye to your silverlight Bing Maps app today: http://is.gd/5iBmE
  194. Adding Streetside and Enhanced Birds Eye To Your Applications
  195. bingmaps: Chris Pendleton is just about to start the #bingmaps webcast http://bit.ly/6LyIds
  196. bingmaps: Add #BingMaps Streetside and Enhanced Bird's Eye to Your Applications: http://bit.ly/7o8Ihr
  197. bingmaps: Kudos to the alFaku family and their global travels. Cool synth of Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze: http://bit.ly/7rC6e7. Check out overhead view
  198. bingmaps: Free UK event Spatial databases and analysis techniques with SQL Server 2008 #bingmaps http://bit.ly/4MB3NI
  199. bingmaps: @pfeifnugget hi your t shirt was shipped on 23rd November from the UK so hopefully should be with you real soon, let us know when you get it
  200. bingmaps: Platform released Silverlight Enhanced Bird's eye and Streetside modes BETA! Blog release in A.M., learn more here: http://bit.ly/6LyIds