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  1. MapPoint 2013 - show two different tours in same OCX
  2. Developed for MapPoint 2013 using MapPoint 2011
  3. DataSets.ZoomTo problem after importing Territories
  4. Mapping in a excel VBA userform from a range of X,Y in a sheet
  5. vb.NET / MapPoint 2013 OCX ActiveX - Threading -> Copy MapPoint.Route to an other instance
  6. Using Multiple MapPoint Versions
  7. MapPoint discontinued !
  8. vb.NET / MapPoint 2013 OCX ActiveX - Progress Bar optimize calculate route
  9. Code for mapping multiple addresses from Excel
  10. Mappoint 2013 hangs in FindResults
  11. MapPoint API fails after fourth GPX export
  12. MapPoint inconsistently failing to match waypoint/pushpin names
  13. Trouble linking Excel data to Mappoint 2010
  14. Number of Shapes and Order
  15. Colors in a shaded map
  16. Preventing reordering of stops when a new stop is added
  17. Obect Required error in opening Datasets
  18. MapPoint 2010 Europe COMException when adding Pushpin
  19. Checking for a pre-existing pushpin set
  20. Getting PostalCode/City from latitude/longitude in excel?
  21. Get the TERRITORY value by zip code
  22. Pushpin highlight colour
  23. help exporting zips from territory
  24. AddPolyline problems, any ideas?
  25. Line Drawn in Any Weight Greater Than 1 Changes To 1/MapPoint 2004
  26. Vba Help - Want to change mypushpins title to another name and define the colour/type of pushpins
  27. Need to Use 2006 Symbols in 2010 Using VBA
  28. MapPoint in MS Access - Any options for choosing from a selection of routes or recalculating route?
  29. Map.ptm increase size
  30. Macro to work with different versions of MapPoint
  31. Total State Miles
  32. Determine if road passes through a radius
  33. MapPoint.exe starts and immediately close
  34. Getting a current location with access VBA
  35. zoom level and scalebar
  36. Country Codes
  37. Shaded area datamaps - VBA
  38. Is there a data size limit when using the 'ImportData' method?
  39. Macro for finding all zips within a specific zip
  40. Independent Pop. mapped by Zip Code.
  41. VBA: Macro Fails When More Than One Error
  42. Automating MapPoint with Excel VBA
  43. Issue in Mappoint License intialisation error 0x80070020
  44. Overloading MapPoint?
  45. Error on updateLink + RPC Service error
  46. VBA Export from Excel to MapPoint 2013
  47. Addming MapPoint 2013 NA ActiveX control to Visual Studio 2012 WinForms
  48. Failed to open document.
  49. How to display countries and borders only, with VBA
  50. State Identification Game Using MapPoint & Excel
  51. MapPoint courier software development help
  52. How to put Mappoint into drawing mode (rectangle/poly) programmatically
  53. Map symbols / lables set visibility from code
  54. How to draw Polyline that matches road?
  55. FindAddressResults NOT working in PowerFlex
  56. Route Grouping
  57. Zoom To Location Question: Excel Embedded Map
  58. Unable to add stops to route
  59. C# .NET 4 and System.__ComObject (MapPoint 2010)
  60. Is MapPoint a good stuff for me ?
  61. Drawing a gas pipeline and showing affected property boundaries
  62. Optimize stops mystery
  63. MapPoint Control vs MapPoint with Add-in
  64. Importing data from excel as territory, Help!
  65. DisplayData Map Error
  66. Calculate route
  67. 2010 Census Tract Data
  68. Need VB Help Using Shapes or Area Identification
  69. C# ActiveX - Can't find user-drawn polygon shapes in Shapes collection?
  70. Reverse route stop times
  71. Reversing routes while maintaining stop and end points
  72. response time in mappoint 2011 is long in comparaison with 2006 version
  73. Lunches
  74. Is there a field length limit of 255 characters?
  75. C# Code To Load Older COM Version
  76. DataLink Problem!
  77. Route Segments do not add up to complete route
  78. C# Event Handler
  79. Add Waypoints Starts to get Really Slow
  80. Extracting postal codes from a mappoint route object in c# (.net 2010)
  81. Extracting waypoint information from a mappoint route object
  82. SelectionChange event will not fire from ActiveX
  83. Generate and Sort Microsoft Access Report with MapPoint Route? VBA
  84. Track Unvalid Data
  85. Calculating map altitude
  86. Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition/MapPointControl.ocx
  87. MapPoint 2010 and Time zones...
  88. Extracting GPS Coordinates from a Route
  89. VBA - Mapping by congressional districts/custom geographic areas
  90. COM Add-in is "not a valid Office add-in." under Windows 7 64-bit
  91. Speed up MP loading in VB.NET ?
  92. Win7x64SP1 clobbers MapPoint 2010....
  93. Latitude longitude from point on map
  94. combo to inactive products
  95. How to offset pushpins to side of streets
  96. Is it possible to Export Mappoint Route as Polyline/WKT?
  97. Route Calculation and Timing Problems
  98. Extracting address details out of MapPoint
  99. Converting 2010 files to 2011
  100. Saving a Map into a Database
  101. How to get current GPS coordinates?
  102. location to region MapPoint
  103. Extract Data from Pushpin/Shaded Area Map
  104. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {31851F82-AFE6-11D2-A3C9-00C04F72F340} failed due to the following error: 80080005.
  105. Get information from a savefile
  106. Hello,
  107. Mappoint 2010 (EU) PlaceCategory Problem
  108. Info: Take care with Shape size and Avoided property
  109. FindPushpin Method Problem
  110. Mappoint control slow
  111. COM Exception
  112. Need Excel VBA code to update linked data
  113. COM Error 80010105 thrown by MapPoint control in VS 2010 (WPF app)
  114. postcode teritories
  115. MapPoint Excelsheet C# import
  116. Updating a Pin Field
  117. custom MapPoint DataSet
  118. Pin Selected Manualy, how to use in Code
  119. How to determine Shapes inside another Shape
  120. Add pushpin icon when showing in Bing?
  121. Program to Handle Importing Pushpins?
  122. MapPoint 2011 in C# Windows Application Not Responding when address to locate on the map is more.
  123. Sort import Data on PaneLegend !
  124. The Array of Fields - Mappoint 2010 - help!
  125. Pushpin speed
  126. Versions of MapPoint with Versions of Windows
  127. Bad Address Identification with Map Point
  128. Tips on map view simplification when my boss wants to see everything!
  129. Extract counties traversed from route
  130. Uninstall MP 2011 causes missing reference
  131. Adding MapPoint functionality to Access
  132. Recognizing PTM file version
  133. MapPoint in Access
  134. Cancel in ExportGPX method
  135. Mapoint 2010 North America and French Language XP
  136. C# fleet tracking mappoint Full source
  137. Driving Guidance and Segment Preference in C++
  138. two 'axMappointControl' in a form?
  139. MapPoint 2010 error: faulting module and faulting msvcr90.dll,
  140. Highlight multiple pushpins inside shape
  141. Mappoint 2011 and Visual Studio 2010
  142. Disabling POI on C# mappoint control
  143. Using Excel 2007 Macro to Update Maps integrated with MP 2010
  144. Excel Push Pin Problem.
  145. Current GPS location
  146. Extracting mileage from MP 2004 with VB6
  147. Problem with MapPoint 9.0 Control in C# Windows Forms Application(VS 2010) running Windows 7 Professional
  148. MP Control VS2010 Win7 Fails
  149. MapPoint 2011 waypoint not found
  150. Create territories based on Zipcode, County, city etc
  151. Geofencing? Polygons?
  152. recognize a colored area
  153. The database schema is not recognized.
  154. Newbie - How to Show Stacked Pin Points as different color
  155. Problems mapping postcode (zip code) from the Netherlands
  156. (Newbie Question) Canada as a Territory (MapPoint 2010)-?
  157. problem with FindPushpin
  158. how to use .ptm files?
  159. Can I Display only -"X" and "Y"- and -"X" vs "Y"-
  160. Hide informations on maps
  161. Latitude and Longitude routing
  162. MapPoint and BCB 2010
  163. COM Bridge
  164. Size of Counties??
  165. How to show pushpin balloons by default?
  166. SavedWebPages and late binding. Please help.
  167. VB Import 2006 - Name field missing
  168. Changing Mouse Cursor?
  169. Zip code and county names from address
  170. MapPoint published on the Web
  171. Convert PTM file from 2010 to 2011
  172. Any fundamental changes to route optimization between MapPoint 2004 and MapPoint 2011 ?
  173. MapPoint 2011: Get Directions gives different results !
  174. Waypoints are hiding pushpins
  175. Exporting POI's Data From MapPoint
  176. Routene
  177. CalcRoute Async
  178. casting a pushpin.symbol as an image
  179. ShapeQuery error
  180. VS 2005 w/ VB and MapPoint 2006 on the Win 7 Pro
  181. MapPoint c#
  182. Display zip code by name
  183. Creating Dataset with vb.net
  184. Maps not showing up under different user?
  185. Displaying Data on maps
  186. Display Tract Boundaries
  187. Reverse Geocode Plus
  188. ESRI Data into mappoint 2011
  189. Convert Pepperwhite Coords to MP Coords?
  190. MapPoint 2011 compatibility with Windows Server 64 bits
  191. Filtering Data
  192. Sub Pushpin Sets
  193. PreferredDeparture and StopTime on first waypoint
  194. Importing data with lat/long values
  195. Problem with ImportData
  196. Refresh all pushpin at the same time
  197. Mappoint 2010 Fatal Error
  198. Routing between dataset points
  199. Will Mappoint 2010 connect to .xlsm spreadsheets?
  200. Creating dataset from open spreadsheet